most popular colors for bedrooms

most popular colors for bedrooms

vo: inspiration can come from anywhere whenyou’re choosing a paint color for your home. picking the perfect one sometimes feels likethe hardest part… here are seven tips for picking the rightpaint for you. vo: first, .stick to your favorites. vo: find colors you already love in your wardrobeor in inspirational photos. use these as guides and follow your own personal style…second, use existing furniture and accent pieces as a can coordinate your walls, with these focal pieces.bold colors that look great on a lamp or piece of furniture can be overwhelming on a largewall. instead, choose a quieter shade of that

color or a complementary color for the wall.third, think about your room size. vo: how big do you want the room to feel?darker colors can make a room feel smaller and more cozy, while lighter shades can makea room seem larger and brighter. vo: fourth, keep an eye on nearby walls. vo: consider the overall color scheme of yourhome. shades should flow as you go from space to space. still not sure? a color fan canhelp pinpoint your existing color for easy comparison in the store.fifth, analyze the lighting in the space before you paint. vo: colors look different under differenttypes of light so try them out in the appropriate

lighting first. natural daylight shows thetruest color, while incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows. fluorescentlighting casts a sharp blue tone. next, consider the room’s function and mood. vo: narrow down options by determining thepurpose of the room. want an energized room? use warm reds and yellows. use cool bluesand grays to create a more relaxed room. vo: the level of gloss, called sheen, alsocomes into play. a higher sheen can reflect light and brighten a room, whereas flat finishesgive a subtle cozy feel. vo: finally try some samples. the only wayyou can really know how your color will look before painting the entire room is to paintsamples.

just paint directly on the wall, or on a primedpiece of drywall. move the drywall to different parts of the room to see the effect. vo: so consider your surroundings… get inspired…and get painting. vo: now that you’ve picked your colors,learn how to start painting.

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