most popular color for bedroom walls

most popular color for bedroom walls

hi i’m dee schlotter, national color brand manager for ppg pittsburgh paints. we are at a beautiful model home in a heartland homes community called pinecrest, here in the north hills. this living area and this living spaces hasbecome the new living space for homeownerstoday. it’s not your traditional living room, it's an open space area thatopens into the kitchen and into the eating area. so you have a space to gather with yourfamily, a common space. and the space has very high ceilingstypically

and it's a very openspace that a family can be together no matter where there are. the colors extremely important throughout theentire house in every single room. and especially now, even though you continue to see neutrals, through the house, which are verycommon colors, colors that people are very comfortable with

and that go with any furniture fabric, orflooring, we’re still seeing a lot ofopportunity for accent walls, like the blue wall behind me. or pulling in color otherways, like through pillows and accessories. we see the continual revival of color in the trends coming for 2013 the last two years we've seen,again moving away from the greys, and the

really almost somber depression era colors,to a much more robust, fun, big color. for example, 2012, the biggestcolor the year was a clean red, so it was a very beautiful clean, bright redand we saw a throughout all the textile market, pillows and fabrics that wesaw coming in fashion. the other big color of the year was tangerineorange, which was this is really nice bright clean orange, very happycolors... big colors; based on where we were two years ago. in 2012 that trends going tocontinue.0:02:12.200,0:02:16.550the blue you see behind me, is going to be oneof those trend colors. it’s less

green those aquas become a little moreblue, for next year. so’s a great color to use. again these colors that we see inthis room the beige, the cream colors are still very popular colors, in fact our mostpopular paint colors. but the trends are still moving towards those big,bold clean colors. the other piece that we see in color trendsfor next year are pastels; and a lot of people cringe when they hear the pastelsbecause, they're worried about the

eighties those awful pastels! but they'remuch more creamy pastels, so they’re softened and... you're going to see alot of that coming in fashion for next spring and those colors will comeinto home decor the second half of next year!

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