modern paint colors for bedrooms

modern paint colors for bedrooms

hello… welcome back to sheryl tv. today our video about: paint color ideas fora small bathroom. before we begin.. don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notificationbutton. so you won’t miss the next great videosfrom us! bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes,and sometimes they can be smaller than most closets. your bathroom color is influenced by not onlythe size of your room but whether or not you

have windows in there. if your lighting is sufficient, you can getaway with darker colors. your first step in decorating your bathroomis to make sure that your lighting is perfect before you choose your paint colors to sample. the right lighting for your bathroom can giveyou many more color options, and help you eliminate the wrong ones quickly. here are six awesome paint colors for a smallbathroom. each one was chosen with a tiny space in mind. 1.

vintage velvet a small bathroom and a bold color? yes! this can work. a gorgeous deep color like behr's vintagevelvet works well in a powder room, where glamor is often more important than size. powder rooms are the one room where a bitof drama is expected, so go for it! you can also choose a deep color for yoursmall bathroom if you have the right lighting available.

the right lighting could be lots of naturallight or strategically placed sconces by the mirror and fabulous overhead lights. don't let the size of your bathroom keep youfrom sampling some adventurous colors. that's what sampling paint colors is for. 2. vibrant teala bright shade of teal makes quite the statement in this modern bathroom design. choosing a vivid color for the walls and ceilingreally makes the subway tile backsplash, artwork and fixtures pop.

3. dramatic blackblack combined with silver accents brings a sophisticated look to any bathroom. consider a shimmery silver mosaic tile asthe backsplash to make the space really shine. 4. coppermetallics are definitely in right now, so why not incorporate them into your small bathroomdesign? add instant elegance to the space with glimmeringcopper. use mosaic tiles in shades of brown and neutralfor the backsplash and a beautiful, floating

marble countertop to complement the look andbring in additional interest and texture. 5. magentashow your girly side with a pop of pink. a graphic accent wall in earth tones not onlyadds fun pattern into the design, but helps counteract the brightly painted walls. 6. powder bluenot into the bold, vibrant colors? try a more subdued hue like this baby bluebathroom. a sunny shade of yellow pairs perfectly withthe space to liven it up.

7. pretty plumdark purple walls add femininity, while the woodgrain cabinets and vanity bring in a hintof rustic style to this contemporary design. don't be afraid to mix different styles. 8. neon yellowbrilliant yellow stripes bring a fun, youthful vibe to a small bathroom. keep the fixtures and accessories minimalto not overwhelm the space. 9.

cherry redenergize the powder room with a vivacious shade of red. this is a great color choice for the kids. create a colorful gallery wall to decoratethe empty space above the toilet and showcase your children's artwork. 10. rust orangeconsider painting your bathroom's wainscoting instead of the walls. in this case, it eliminates the need for abacksplash.

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