modern color schemes for bedrooms

modern color schemes for bedrooms

what's up guys my name is brock you'rewatching the modest man and i got something a little bit different for youtoday. i recently redid my entire bedroom. so new bed, new mattress, new bedding neweverything and i want to show you the before and after and then tell you alittle bit about the thought process behind the upgrades. our big thanks to today's video sponsorleesa. leesa is a direct consumer online mattress brand that's challenging thetraditional mattress industry. leesa mattresses are 100 percent american-made.they're shipped for free right to your front door in a compressed box and theirmattresses come with a 100 night risk

free trial. also with free shipping thatmeans if you sleep on it from 99 nights and you decide you don't like it you canship it back to them for free and get a refund. on top of that, leesa donates onemattress to a shelter for every 10 that they sell and they've already donatedover 10,000 mattresses. so if you're in the us, uk canada or germany you canorder a leesa mattress online. if you want to try them out in person leesamattresses are also in select west elm stores and of course, you can find a linkto leesa down in the description. okay, just like you, i care about the way ilook, you know, i try to dress in a way that's comfortable, stylish, functionaland appropriate for the occasion. and i

think like a lot of guys who are intostyle, i care about my space, you know, my home, my office and the spaces in which ispend time. just like with my outfits, i want my spaces to be comfortablefunctional and pleasing to the eye. so a while back when i moved across thecountry into an old southwestern house in southern arizona my girlfriend and ispent quite a bit of time, you know, figuring out our space, figuring out howto arrange the furniture and how to decorate and what to put on the wallsand all that little stuff that you do to turn a house into a home. and i think wedid a pretty good job, you know, our living room, our kitchen, our home office,our guest room, backyard it all looks

pretty good. it's, it's inviting, you know,we like spending time there but for some reason or another our bedroom was kindof an afterthought like we just never really finished it like we did with theother rooms. don't get me wrong. there was nothing wrong with was comfortable, you know, it was functional but i don't know it justwasn't as polished or as inviting as the other rooms in the house. we also wanteda slightly bigger bed, fresh bedding and a very, very comfortable mattress. so wedecided to give the whole thing a makeover and we agreed on a couple ofthings. first we wanted to upgrade from a full-size bed to a queen-size bed. now,the size difference is subtle but

noticeable and in my opinion aqueen-size bed is perfect for two relatively small people. second, we wanted to love the way the room looked and this was alittle bit tricky because kind of like with style i prefer, you know, mutedneutral, colors and kind of like a minimalist aesthetic. now my girlfriend,on the other hand, likes more colorful, eclectic interior design and finallyneither one of us was very interested in shopping for furniture or a new mattressthe old-fashioned way, you know, in a big fluorescent-lit showroom with a bunch ofhigh-pressure salesmen kind of lurking around trying to get commission from's just a very awkward experience and

we weren't interested in that. we alsothought if we could have everything shipped to our house rather than try totransport it ourselves or pay somebody else delivery fee that would be great. sowe did what any millennials in our situation would do. we took to theinternet, we found a couple of modern young online first brands that are on amission to help people like us basically upgrade their bedrooms and their housesin a way that's not only paying free but i would say actually kind of pleasantand fun. so we went with leesa for the mattress and brookelinen went in for thebedding. we got a new bed frame actually a pretty affordable bed frame off ofwayfair and of course i'll link to all

this stuff down below in the, let's look at what the bedroom used to look like, kind of like i said nothingwrong with it definitely served its purpose but it wasn't the most invitingroom in the house. and now let's take a look at our new and improved bedroom. alright let's talk about the mattress.i've always liked a pretty firm mattress. my girlfriend prefers it something alittle softer. so we want to find something that we both liked. the leesamattress is made from three layers of different types of foam. they each servea different purpose. the result is something that feels very soft so if youpush down on it it compresses very

easily but then when you lay on it itdistributes weight very evenly so it's surprisingly firm for how soft it me it feels like a cross between a relatively firm coil mattress like atraditional mattress and a memory foam mattress. so it's very, very as you can see the new bedroom is fresh clean and modern. it's simple andrelatively neutral which is how i like it but it's not sterile, you know, it doeshave some decor and some splashes of color throughout. there's a fair amountof meaningful decor. so it's not just random stuff from world market or ikea, you know, it's stuff that has meaning to us like our large photo collage andthere are a couple of splashes of color

throughout the room. just like withclothing i think that color is most effective when used in small intentionaldoses especially against a relatively neutral backdrop. speaking of neutralbackdrop, we went with a light wood and metal bed frame.we chose a shade of wood kind of like an ash that matched the biggest piece offurniture that we already owned which is our dresser. we already had these deepkind of green roman shades so, you know, we didn't want to compete with thatsince those are already pretty colorful. so we went with pretty neutral beddingsolid white and then a subtle gray, stripe pattern. don't get me wrong i don'tthink there's anything wrong with darker

colors or richer colors or bold patternsfor bedding. i just think that if your bedding is very eye-catching and boldit's going to be the center of attention and for us since we have a relativelysmall room we decided to let the bed kind of blend the decor is a mix of trinkets and gifts that we've collected over theyears mostly from friends and family. it's the stuff that never got leftbehind or put in storage or given away. so, you know, it's the meaningful stuffthat we really like for example i got this little wooden elephant at a tinyvillage in cambodia during a three-week southeast asia trip and i actuallyremoved the tusks when i packed it away

before moving out here and i never foundthem. so now it's just a little elephant without tusks but, you know, i still likeit but it's all special in some way, you know, it's not just decor for the sake ofdecor there are stories behind this stuff and it's the stuff that, you know,really brings us joy when we look at it. it's not just filler and i think that'sthe right approach to take when you're decorating your space, you know, it's verymuch like clothing it's like keep the stuff that, that you really like. that reallymakes you happy and get rid of the rest. we are really, really happy with our newbedroom, the mattress and the bedding is soft, it's supportive, it's comfortableand the room is warm and inviting.

i'm very glad that we finally took theplunge and brought this room up to par with the rest of the house and i'mreally glad that there are companies like leesa and brookelinen and that aremaking this process not only pain-free but kind of fun. i mean, let's be honest,buying a mattress and furniture shopping can be a total pain and so it was just apleasure working with these two brands. so, you know, definitely check them out soi want to hear from you. what do you think of our new room? do you like it? ssthis kind of your aesthetic or would you do something different? let me know downin the comments. if you have any questions about any of this stuff let me know anduntil next time. stay stylish!

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