modern bedroom colors 2014

modern bedroom colors 2014

thrift stores and garage sales are ripe with budget-friendly finds, but often what you score secondhand needs a little more love. this is 17 before-and-after diy furniture makeovers with legs. 1. turn a ratty cabinet… into a mid-century modern wonder. this cabinet originally comes under the beat up ugly white paint. and this is what it took to give this white box a new life: first, sanding all over the paint on the drawer, add 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of high-gloss enamel paint, attached 6 inch mid century modern style wood and metal legs from home depot

and then add 2 coats of tung oil on the drawer and legs only when it finished the result is amazing… 2. diy a vintage dresser that goes from white… to wow!!! start by removing the bottom trim on the dresser and then strip off the paint. stripping off the paint, you could use klean strip premium stripper to do the job. sprayed it with a spray primer, let it cure for a few days, add a couple of 1ã—4’s to the dresser and then attached the leg brackets to the wood. next, add 16 inch legs from home depot to the bracket. in order to hide the wood supports that the brackets were attached to,

add a couple of 1ã—2’s around the edge as trim. paint the dresser red and after two weeks of drying time… this is what it’s looks like… 3. add legs to a mid century modern dresser in this project, sarah and david create their own legs to makeover the dresser from furniture sales. here how to do it: first, start off with a piece of 1x8 inch wood. create the curve by using a ridged piece of string and measured the midpoint of the board to the end point of the board.

to make sure that the curve was equal, one held the pencil and string tight at the top and touched the midpoint and both of the ends and the other adjusted the string at the bottom. then they repeated for the bottom curve (about 2 inch thick). after they finished, with the jigsaw, they cut out the curve. determined the measurements and then cut the legs according the design within those guidelines. they glued and clamped the curved piece to the leg. and after it dried, drilled through both at an angle with a 3/8 inch bit,

put some wood glue in the hole and inserted a dowel rod and cut off the excess. last, they mount the legs to the supports using screws from underneath then reattached the support to the dresser. 4. diy makeover a thrift shop dresser… to mid-century style dresser this project is quite simple. first, paint the drawer fronts a glossy white that really breaks up all of the laminate and makes a great backdrop for the new chrome hardware. next add some tapered legs stained to match the laminate wood to really complete the retro look. this is all the material used which all was purchased from lowe’s home improvement store.

5. transform an ikea dresser from elementary… to elegant what you will need for this project: a tarva dresser lewis dolin 14 inch bar pull theresa’s green paint orbital sander primer paint nail hole filler

an air compressor to spray on the paint for a super smooth finish chop saw and drill here’s how to do it: with the legs on, marked the cut lines with a pencil and put an x on the side that will be waste this reduces confusion once the legs are loose and they all look the same. after the lines were marked… took the legs off, cut them down with a chop saw and then put them back on. change the drawer pull with lewis dolin and then repaint the dresser with spray paint.

the finish turns out so much better... 6. stick legs on a suitcase for a vintage side table. what you need for this project is a simple briefcase, cut to size wood and legs… that’s all! this is the package for the legs, they are 40cm long which is ideal for a side table. first place the cut to size board in the case. place the leg holders on the bottom of your suitcase and screw them down through the woods in the bottom of your suitcase.

make sure that the leg holders are inclined, and that the high side pointing inwards. and voila, it's that simple. turn the briefcase round and it’s become a gorgeous side table. 7. transform an ikea wooden futon into a modern daybed by simply upgrade your the typical collegiate ikea wooden futon in the living room to a bit more stylish adult living room sofa, you could’ve save a lot of money. first, take apart the futon and lay it out

carefully sawed off the rounded attachement edges, to make sure the pieces were squared off and fit together properly next, cut the pieces to size and then nailed together the framing for the seat attaching it to the 4 paneled section creating the sofa seat. add the steel l-brackets to all of the corners of the seat base for added support to the frame. attach the arm and back panels using nails, and using the last 2 steel l-brackets for added back and side support.

now you have the sofa frame finished! next, cut up the futton cushion with scissors or serrated bread knife and doubled the seat cushion using two layers of the futon cushion. measured and cut the fabric pieces then sew the corner edges of the arm and back covers and also the fabric cover for the sofa seat cushion. last -- screw in your sofa legs and turn the whole sofa on it's feet! 8. morph a rolling table into a stationary one. first, start by removing the casters and replacing them with new wooden furniture feet.

prime and paint the cart and then remove the doors and decoupage the fronts with decorative paper. cut a new back for the cart from 1-inch plywood and decoupage it with coordinating paper. add new knobs to the doors and reinstall. 9. diy makeover an old stale stereo… to sassy sideboard this old vintage console stereo looked like it had seen better days, but it has potential in transforming into a bold and useful furniture piece. all you need to do is primed and paint it with high gloss oil based paint in cobalt blue.

made false door fronts and drawers in center section, covered with ikat fabric and then finished up with new hardware style. now a stylish sideboard is ready with plenty of inside storage for linens, dishes, even a bar! 10. give a new live to a broken drawer. this dresser was came in a very bad shape. it had stickers on it, screws in it, ink stains, drawers that didn't work, and of course the largest problem was one drawer was missing the whole corner. here is the step by step guide: first, get rid of the broken drawer.

next, moved the bottom drawer into the top position and then altered the frame. after that, cut the side panel back to the rear legs and add a new legs at the front. for the last step, remove the old paint, add a new drawer pull and repaint the drawer. after she is all painted and put back together this is the result... 11. diy a ladies french nightstand. this project is actually quite simple. all you need to do is add a new curvy legs at the bottom of the nightstand, change the drawer pull with something retro and repaint it.

the best part is the long curvy legs 12. diy makeover an old card cabinet… into an accent table with legs. first, the cabinet come with all the rust and flaky paint so with some rough sandpaper get rid of the rust and smooth out the surface. after it smooth, give it a new coat of paint and let it completly dry. once everything is dry, simply put the card catalog on top of the outdoor table and it’s done. 13. turn a wooden palette into a sexy coffee table. do you want this coffee table?

the diy instruction for this project is quite complicated so check out the complete step by step guide at instructables. 14. repurpose a legless buffet into an awesome tv stand first, find a hairpin legs and attached them at the support under the buffet. you could find the hairpin legs at ikea, lowe's or home depot. next, give a light sanding to remove the little bumps and bruises and then stained the whole piece using dark walnut paint and sealed it with topcoat. last, add a colorful fabric using mod podge to the back inside panel

and this is the end result... 15. upgrade your old outdated table and turn it into a sleek and modern dining table. this project is also simple. first took off the original legs, sand and add a walnut stain to the table. next add a new hairpin legs at the four corner of the table and then complete the modern look with eames style chairs from amazon. 16. use legs to make your couch look more expensive this ikea hack is super easy,

all you need to do is lay the couch on its backside, take off the old legs and screw on the new ones. it’s as simple as that!! you should be aware that altough you could simply pick up a few legs from lowes and use some new mounting plates, the leg is not sturdy enough. for this project blogger amy ordered a custom legs specifically made for ikea couches from uncle bob’s workshop. 17. attach longer legs to a side table or dresser to fit storage baskets underneath.

for this project, blogger kristy from 4theloveofwood use table legs from mdf coffee table and attach it to her nighstands. step 1, cut off the extra top part so they will sit flush under the night stand. step 2, predrill and screw the legs into place on the front of the night stands. step 3, cut back legs from some stock lumber to match the height of the front legs. step 4, glue and screw your back legs into place. and there you have it ... and… that’s all… for more furniture makeover tips, stay tune to our channel.

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