mint colored bedroom ideas

mint colored bedroom ideas

hello and welcome i am disha and i am here to help you transform your house into a home time and again, i keep telling you to create a statement wall because it's a way to add your personality to your home and it's my opinion that creating a statement wall, that all the walls in your home should tell a story of the person who you are so previously, i have shared so many easy and affordable wall makeover ideas like this one this one this one and this one and here i am with yet another easy and affordable wall makeover idea

but like always i'll first share some news with you and the first news is that elite earth give away is over now and i'm announcing the winners. so gurpreet, and i had really tough time to pick just two winners, but thanks to all of you who have participated so here are the two winners first one is mamatha srinivas and second one is rajkumari batheja. i hope i am pronouncing it, right? okay, so congratulations to both of you please send me your shipping address as soon as possible. i'll add my mail id in description box below okay, and the second news is, but before i go ahead and tell you the second news i would request you to pause the video and turn on the cc because this message will be in hindi so you done

okay, so i wanted to share that i've received many mails and messages asking me to create videos in hindi. so i don't really have enough time to shoot videos in two lanugages, hindi & english what i can do is, that the video i've already published here, i can dub them in hindi and can publish them on my hindi channel i had created one more channel in 2014 it's name is design decor & disha so all those who want my videos in hindi can subscribe to my hindi channel i'll start posting there only when the number of subscribers is enough so that lots of people get benefit from it. so this was my message the link of my hindi channel is given below in description box below.

which you can click and subscribe to that channel and you can suggest my hindi channel to all your friends and family who love watching hindi videos so that's it. okay, so now we'll continue in english again so let's begin the makeover so this is how the wall is looking right now some spots and stains and lots of holes as you can see these are the holes because tv was installed here earlier and these are the holes, i had hung some picture frames here and now first

i'll remove this decal it's been here since long quite long and now it's time to remove it and whenever i make a video sitting here in this corner of the sofa then sometimes this part of the decal is visible so i used to get comments like there is a huge spider behind behind you on that wall. so now i'm getting rid of all these spiders so the decal has been removed and now what i'm gonna do is i'll fill all these holes with putty here's a tip whenever you start painting your wall it's a good idea to

wipe off the dust first. so that's what i am doing right now and i'll just wipe off all the dust now apply the masking tape it's time to paint and i got this mint green color, let's give it a good mix. oh oh, this is actually not what i wanted so first, i'll check the color on the wall under the basin so i did not like this color because it's not going well with my furniture and soft furnishing. i have warm color palette. so what i'm doing now is that i have this leftover paint so what i'm doing right now is i am using this leftover paint and then i'm mixing this in this color

that i just got so this is what i got this color and this color is just perfect because my soft furnishing and i can say that the color palette of my living room is warm and this color will definitely look good so i'm going with this color now 9 p.m. on the clock and my setup is ready. i'm gonna paint this wall now everything is ready. i have covered all the things the adjacent wall and tv, tv unit everything two coats are done now i'll let it dry and tomorrow morning i'll stencil the wall

remember when the color is still wet it will look quite different so don't panic because as it dries, it will look just perfect okay, so these are the things you will need, one tray sponge roller or stencil brush any of these and paint of your choice then this masking tape stencil and keep one cloth handy damp cloth handy so that if there is any spot or stain of paint you can easily

wipe it off when the paint is still wet okay, so now what i am doing is as you can see that here it is quite close this cut out this pattern that you see on the stencil is quite quite close to the edge so what i'm doing here is i'll just put the masking tape here so that accidentally my brush or roller doesn't go beyond this

the same i'll do this side as well so i have masking tape in place and now i'm so excited to show you how to stencil the wall so let's begin first stick the stencil on the starting point load stencil brush with color and offload it a bit on paper towel and now paint design on the wall with the stencil brush using circular motion method either you can use circular motion or just tap tap tap but i prefer circular motion because of smooth finish

now gently remove the stencil every time you remove the stencil off the wall then just check the reverse side if there is any paint what you can do is put the front side down and then just wipe it off gently just like this it's clean and you're good to go here's a quick look and i'm already loving it since there is no enough space for damask stencil i will be using this vine stencil

i am following the same steps place the stencil load the brush off load it and then paint the stencil now, let's see how the wall started transforming stencil by stencil and now some before-and-after clips so that's all for today i hope you like the makeover if so, then don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and leave me a comment because i love reading your genuine feedback. don't forget to share it with like-minded people and i'll see you soon in my next video till then love luck and sunshine!!

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