mint color bedroom

mint color bedroom

oh that is a beautiful makeover sharon. so it's amazing to see the difference that painting can make even with things like moldings and baseboards and window frames. its unbelievable right and we always take those things for granted it's like the ceiling you know everyone kind of ignores it and then it's actually the most obvious thing in the room so yeah i thought talking about trim it would be good and the thing is before i start cause ever know his knows that i say now don't always use white it's not because i have anything against white yeah it's just because it's used as a default so i want you to think about your trim and what color and make it a choice just like you do your wall colors right yeah and thesedays people aren't going back to color a

little bit we're seeing more color on the walls so the trim even becomes more important so yeah so let's talk aboutwhite first i've got white and that is typically what people will do andthere's nothing wrong with it you want to think about it this is actually white dove which is one of my favorite whites my one favorite trim white and it's quite nice against the dark color it's pretty strong like you do notice itso in this vignette it works because there's some white in the in the mattingof the artwork so it kind of pops but your i definitely looks to it right. it's if you are looking for contrast exactly then that is what you want now youprobably have an option that has less

contrast for you and you can see thedifference it's gonna make just switching out the pain. now lets switch out our window trim this is probably a little faster than painting but no one else you want to do this you want to do this when maybe you don't have exactly the trim that you want. you're right tracy right if you put white on the trim that you on sorry if you put white you're gonna really notice the trim so there's a little itty bitty trim you probably don't want to do white and i'm going to show you another option to hide it completely yeah but here i've used black panther and this is really interesting because a lot of designers are inspired by commercial spaces with the black iron

window frames so start by bringing that inside you kind of get this really cool look it's graphic without being as strong as the white so again now your eye is drawn to the white and thepicture frame so by changing the trim in your space you can really draw attentionto other parts we talked about color and changing the color around at the context room is equally important to that it really is it makes the difference it's going to tell you where the eye is gonna go. now i love that you can control that so i actually love the idea of painting it out sometimes i think we've also gonefrom really sort of thin trim to thicker trim so anyone that still has the super thin trim and they haven't been able to

sort of double it or go bigger sometimes they just want to get rid of it your painting it the exact same color of thewall is a trick that we used in our house in many different centers andthat's what i really wanted to show here because we did that actually in thehouse that we just showed on tape also yeah let me just see here totally not agood way so totally disappears. so here we've taken the beautiful van dusen blue from benjamin moore's historical which is like my favorite blue and this isn'ta matte finish and what i did here was i used or a satin so you've you've got thesame color but you've got just a little bit of sheen so it just draws attentionto the dimension yeah you're right it

just kind of disappears and then youlook at everything else in the space so you're right you want to think aboutwhether you want the trim to stand out yes and be the feature or you wantsomething else in the room to be a feature and then your trim can reallyfollow suit. i love that you actually have the control over what is the focalpoint in your space thank you for that power sharon. way to go.

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