mens bedroom wall colors

mens bedroom wall colors

i'm gonna read your mind today. through the screen. get ready. three mind tricks. we're starting with the first one. and what's really cool, is at the end of this video, i'll tell you how you can read your friends' minds, too. so the first trick. think of a number between one and ten.

got the number? good. multiply that number times two. if you need your phone calculator right now, if you're pulling it out, that's totally fine. okay, add 8 to that number. plus 8. now that you're caught up, go ahead and divide by two.

*nods head* now, take your current number, and subtract the original number that you thought of. the one through ten number. the current number minus the one through ten number. okay, so that leaves you with an alphabet correlation, so the first letter, a, is number one. nineteen is s. does that make sense? good. go find your number that correlates to the letter.

take that letter and think of a country any country that you can think of that starts with that letter. good. got it? so go ahead and take the second letter of that country's name, and think of an animal that starts with that letter. got it in your mind? good. think of the color of that animal. so, if i did my mind reading correct, you were thinking of a gray elephant in denmark

*elephant sound* so, if i was correct, go ahead and comment below if you were thinking of something else, let me know what you were thinking of an eel, an eagle. i won't tell you how the trick works right now we'll talk about that at the end let's jump to our secondmind trick here's trick number two and it requiressome fire so don't do this at home we've

got six cards i need you to pick one ofthe cards and focus on it say it ten times in a row you've got your card andyou're focusing on it now i'm going to shuffle these up here but even if youwant to be fun go ahead and comment what your card was in the comments below i'mgonna shuffle these and this is where we're getting fire you're still got yourcard look into my eyes and say what your card was okay i've selected arandom card to be burnt so let's go ahead and burn this card while you'resaying your card that you picked. three. two. one. oh okay so while yourcard is burning here i'm going to i'm going to put the other cards down reallyquick and let's see if we burned your

card correctly your card's missing. whoaso don't do that at home at all please your parents will kill me. do it someother way. this is our third mind-reading trick and it's another math type trickbut you get to pick any two-digit number so my example would be picking twenty-three. take atwo-digit number and add those digits together so if i picked twenty-threei would add two plus three. got it? so you've got your new number here and ineed to take your original number twenty-three minus five, does that make sense? so take your first number your two-digit number minus what those digits addup to be so minus my example i get eighteen so now you're going to take this chartif you're not with me pause the video do

the math correctly because when thisworks is really cool so we've got a chart here so you have your number andit correlates to one of these symbols down here i want you to tap the screenon your symbol when you find it correctly. tap the screen. when you tapthe screen on your symbol i was able to sense from your home to where i'm atright now and i can tell you what your symbol is. question: did you end up withthe magic bunny ears coming out of the half symbol? because if you didn't youprobably did the math wrong no no you actually did do the math wrong becausei'm going to explain the trick this trick works just because it's multiplesof 9 you have 9, 18, 27 and if you look at

closely on the chart actually you couldkind of see that they all lined up it's any of these multiples of 9 here withthe magic bunny hats the math just works that's why it's an awesome mind trick toplay on your friends. let's go back to the card trick. so your friends are going to love this card trick because they're going to bemind-blown, they're not going to know how you did it and it works withmultiple people thinking of different cards because all of them get replacedhere's how it works you know five of clubs for diamondking of diamonds it doesn't matter what

cards you put out here as long as youhave the duplicates to five of spades we have the eight of clubs in the 8 ofspades we've got the king jack to the four they're just different suits samenumber same color different suits as the magician you want to have your friendsfocus on their card so hard that's why i had you repeat it ten times at least soyou forgot all the other cards that you saw and didn't realize that they gotswapped out now i randomly removed one of them the fun thing you can do is handout the deck have your friends pick a card but they can't look at it put itoff in your pocket throw it away whatever make sure they never see thatcard again because you're going to lay

out five cards and magically you'regoing to say the one that's missing was the card that they picked or that youselected this mind tricks similar to the last one we did it was masked and it'salmost always going to work you have like a 90% chance you haven't think of anumber between 1 and 10 you have a multiply it times two you have them addeight you have them divide it by two and then you're going to take their currentnumber and subtract from the original number they thought of the 1 through 10number and then that's going to correlate to this chart the alphabet 1letter represents a random 26 is z and everyone is going to get to 4 based onthe math now you're going to have them

think of a country with d so most peoplethink of denmark there's also djibouti and there's also the dominican republici apologize if you live in those countries but most people just becauseof their mind you're forcing them to think so quickly they don't think ofthose other options so now they're stuck with denmark you ask them for the secondletter of denmark which is e or one way you can also do is say go to the nextletter in the alphabet it's e think of an animal that startswith that letter most people think elephants and if you're going quicklyyou just say what color is that animal and you say, "are you thinking of a gray elephant denmark?" most of time you're gonna get

people who say "what?!" the second guess you canguess is an eel they're going to say it's a green eel or an eagle, a browneagle. i'm going to read a random piece of fan mail that came in this week but last week i asked you to recreate one of my magical videos here's a few clipsthat you guys sent in if you like you're shirt colori don't like this one either i like this checkmate. no- you can't even do that. that's not a rule.

yeah i guess you can check your rule book he cheated. he- he cheat- no, i give up so thanks for sending those clips in and let's go ahead and read onepiece of mail. today's fan mail comes from wickliffe ohio. oh, that's son holden, 8, and my charlie, 4, for think you're pretty rad, i mean weall think you're rad like you know so okay coolhere's the sleeping puppy boom they drew

a sleeping puppy i think it's theirpuppy they call him bear. anyways that's from brandy well thankyou guys for joining us do you want to see a cool video here click there orover there woah... the heck?

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