mens bedroom color

mens bedroom color

[ned] hello and welcome to try guys game time [zach] try guys game time! [keith] try guys game time [eugene] try guys game time [ned] try guys game time! [eugene]we need to work on that. [ned] lets try that again. [ned] hello, and welcome to try guys game time![keith and eugene] try guys game time! [zach] oh i thought you were gonna say it then it's call and repeat. [ned] hello guys and welcome to try guys game time! [everyone] try guys game time! [ned] in these videos, we're gonna be wearing our pajamas and playing games. we are gonna find out who knows me the best. wow oh my god [zach] i wrote your wife [ned] nope, nope points for eugene and keith. [eugene] yay! [keith] look at the hair. [ned] gotta be fast zach, gotta be fast. (upbeat try guys intro music) [ned] today the other three try guys are gonna answer questions about me, to find out who's my actual best friend.

[eugene] i'm gonna lose this one too. [ned] round one, the easy questions. what are my wife, baby and dog's name? pencils down keith [keith] ariel, wesley, bean, fulmer [ned] eugene [eugene] ariel, wes, and bean. [zach] ariel, wes, bean(ie-doodle) [ned] wow, that's right! ariel, wes, and bean! [keith and eugene celebrate] [zach] fun fact wes is short for wes keith. [ned] nope, not true. [keith and eugene] yeah, a little wes-keith. [ned] negative points for that. next where did i go to college? [keith] whoops, spelled it wrong. [eugene giggling] how did you spell that wrong? [keith] yale [eugene] yale [zach] yale [ned] yale

[eugene] one of the more surprising things people always find out. some reason they assume that you're not smart [ned] smart, yeah no i pretend to be dumb a lot of the time, and it's a very smart choice. [eugene, keith and ned] ayy [ned] where am i from and who's my favorite nfl team? [keith] you are from jacksonville and your favorite team is the jaguars go jags [ned] woo, go jags! [eugene] you're from jacksonville and your favorite team is the jaguars-rawr. [zach] jacksonville jaguars portal![ned] yeah points for everyone [keith] woo! [ned] a special half point for zach during the quarterback. [zach] portals! [eugene] the quickness in which we answer these things makes me realize that ned commonly announces stuff about himself very loudly. [keith] yeah readily available information. [ned] guys. my life is an open book. yes bean?! next! what is my favorite sport to play [keith] i wrote futball! soccer. i wrote futball. [eugene] futball

[ned] eugene [eugene] i wrote soccer in the usa, but football everywhere else. zach] i also wrote soccer, futball. [everyone laughs] [ned] well, you're all wrong-this america, it's just soccer points for everyone [eugene and keith]yay! [eugene] we're crushing this ned. [keith] why did we all want to go with the football? [eugene] because it's so fun to say futball. [ned and keith] futball. [ned] final question in the easy round. what is my favorite color and why? you have to be wordperfect on this answer. [zach] should we just say it in unison? [keith] yeah. [eugene] yeah. ready? [zach] red. because red rhymes with ned. [eugene and keith] red, because it rhymes with ned. [ned] only keith and eugene get points.

[eugene] yeah nice. [zach] i put an extra red in there for you [eugene] no-he always says [eugene, keith, and zach] "my favorite color is red because it rhymes with ned" [ned] at the end of round one. here are the scores [eugene] yay...[keith] we have 6 out of 5 points [eugene, keith, and zach] try guys game time! [ned] now on to the medium questions. these may not be public knowledge but it's things that i expect my friends to know about me. where did i meet ariel? [eugene] ariel this is your house have as many crackers as you like. [ned] yeah, where did i meet ariel? [keith] chicago, at a party she was across the circle and you made your way over to her throughout the party

[ned] yay! [eugene] mine is, chicago at a mutual friend's party. he sat next to her in a circle and they talked all night [zach]i didn't wanna write that much, chicago friend's party semicircle [ned] you guys were more specific then i was! you're all correct! and everyone gets an extra point. because i love love. [keith] we know the intricate details of this. [eugene] it's cause ned talks about it a lot [keith] it's a very cute story [ned] how old is bean? i'm gonna try and get less excited when keith guesses it right because i'm gonna telegraphing the right answer. [keith] i think bean is two. [eugene] i think bean is two years old. [zach] i think bean is a year and a half in human years, but an eternity in love years [ned] i like the vision but no the answer is two years

wow zach, wow do we not hangout enough? [zach] i guess maybe [ned] or are you just all about bowie, no time for your friends dogs? [zach] guess so... [eugene] maybe zach's so focused on trying to know everything about keith [zach: yeah] he forgets about the others. [ned] you can only have one best friend. [zach] it's a lot of keith in my brain. [ned] i love traveling. how many countries have i been to? keith: oh, fuck. [ned] points to whoever's closest. keith [keith] seven, maybe six? [ned] eugene [eugene] i'm guessing twelve. [ned] zach [zach] there are three that i know of i guess seven. [ned] i've lived a long life before you-eighteen. [keith, eugene and zach] wow.

[keith] that's so many countries [zach] woah! [ned] i try and take one big trip every year and sometimes on those trips you can sneak in two countries. do you know where i would want to go next? [eugene] india? [keith] greece? [zach] japan? [ned] japan is the answer. no points though. not a real question. what- used to be my biggest fear? [keith] we all know this. [ned] okay alright keith [keith] dogs jumping at you [ned] eugene [eugene] large dogs because the doberman jumped in your stroller [zach] woof woof. [ned] correct it's dogs. only through getting bean, have i gotten over it and yes eugene's right? it's cuz a doberman jumped in my stroller. now i'm afraid of failure!

moving on. [zach] or that your company will fail. [ned] yeah [zach] or that we'll go bankrupt [ned] yeah [zach] or that, you know, it's hard to stay relevant so maybe you know, we got a good now, but it could go away real quick. click to subscribe! [eugene] look being found another sock. whose sock is that? [ned] uhh... [ned ] what day is date night? [keith] oh..fuckin duh. [eugene] duh. [ned] alright. [keith] duh, bro

it's wednesday and i put an emphasis on wet because you're married and not because you do that- just because it was a fun choice. [eugene] i wrote wednesday, which is (sexy voice) hump day... that's why it's date night. it's cause it's hump day. [ned] can we move on here? zach. [zach] and i wrote wednesday because they married and they humping [ned] guys [zach] though this week it was thursday. [ned] that's exactly right it's wednesday usually but as the babies come we've had to change it around. we try and stick to wednesday's. this week, it's thursday. we're filming today thursday. so we better wrap on time. the scores are now.

[eugene] think i might have pulled in the lead [everyone] try guys game time! [ned] everything can change here in the hard rounds, i guarantee you you won't know some of these if not, maybe all of them [keith whispers] fuck... [ned] i just segment my life into things that everyone knows and things that no one knows. what did i do- one time as a kid that got me in the worst trouble ever? [keith] wow i went full sitcom and chose knocked over a vase in parentheses (maybe with your wiener) double parentheses ((probably a ball)) [eugene] i guessed traditional punched a kid in the face. [zach] very ned. did you draw on the wall?

[ned] wow, uh- no, you're all wrong. i threw a log over a fence accidentally smashed a car windshield. [zach] wooaaaaah [keith] very close to this. [ned] not close enough. [keith] knocking over a vase with your wiener is just like throwing a log through a window. [ned] all right, you guys might be able to get this one? what was my first job? i'll give you a hint [zach] no no no no [ned] i was 17 [everyone] oh [keith] that's good it's got to be a florida job then. i'm gonna assume through your athletic prowes-

oh, i know what it fucking is now as soon as i- i know what it is now i-i-i would change i know what it is. [ned] i appreciate your confidence. so yes, you can change it. [keith] you're a soccer referee and you were fifa or ordained or whatever. it means to be like officially. yes you are one. [ned] eugene [eugene] you probably got it cuz he was so excited. i just said waiter, italian? [zach] at a restaurant he was the hostess [ned] wow, okay no, i was a camp counselor for middle schoolers at a catholic sleep away camp. [zach] did you ever do that? [ned] however, as a middle schooler myself, i was a soccer referee and yes i was officially ordained by fifa. i'll give you half points for knowing another job about me [keith] this is a pretty good knowledge base. [ned] this next question comes via request from patreon to join our patreon

you can go to and submit a question for the next game time. in keith eats everything at mcdonald's what was the story about the chem lab that got cut off by zach calling ned a nerd? [zach giggles] [ned] i used to work in a chemical lab, right? and so one of my co-workers used to work in a factory like a chemical (hell) [eugene] well, none of us know it because zach keeps cutting you off every time you get nerdy. [ned] exactly [zach] it's cause he's nerdy. [ned] wow, zach, your words are hurtful they will be remembered. [keith] you were an r&d chemist for a soap foam for soap foam levels like how much soap would foam-don't keep writing over there, you little cheap cheater cheater over there. he was writing did you catch? [zach] that i wrote the word nerd. [ned]yeah. well if you wrote down nerd, yes, you're being a bully.

[eugene] well, then wait look at my answer. "neeerrrrrrrrrddd!!!" [ned] i don't appreciate this. [eugene] honestly i didn't know so i just wrote whatever zach said. [zach] ned check the bubbles in soap to make sure it was bubbly enough nerd. [ned] those are true but what i was trying to tell you in that video was mcdonald's uses chemicals to peel their potatoes for their fries [everyone] wow [keith] you didn't tell us that. [ned] they don't peel them with a knife. [zach] i take it back that's fascinating [ned] thank you. keith you get some points [keith] all right. cause i didn't call you a nerd? [ned] yes finally, what club was i in, in high school? [keith] ready?

[ned] he thinks he knows it. [keith] robot club robotics and i drew a robot. [eugene] oh wait a minute. i wrote robotics, and i drew a robot that says. 'beep boop' [keith] nice [eugene] yeah [zach] i just wrote a bunch of shit and then i wrote nerd [ned] well the answer was robot club! (keith and eugene celebrate) [ned] my real friends knew it! my fake friend made fun of me [zach] wow, i know nothing about ned. [eugene] you know why you're into robots? [ned] why? [eugene] it was teaching how to become a father

[ned] i was building artificial intelligence. and now i created it. by having sex. [keith] wow [ned] in high school i was in a robot club we built 130 pound robots every year for competitions where they would lift balls up and like dunk them on things or like throw frisbees somehow i got involved doing youtube stuff [eugene] well, i mean you also went to yale so you could have went to nasa [ned] i could've worked for nasa could've worked for jet propulsion lab. [eugene] and now you're here in a rooster onesie. [ned] yeah [ned] and now here are the final results. in first place [ned] keith! [keith] nice [ned] yeah, and uh

eugene you were in second place. you also know a lot about me. [zach] i got some work to do. [ned] third place-zach. maybe if you stopped calling me nerd and just listen for once in your goddamn life. [eugene] you're the new ariel. you can have sex with ned now. [keith] fuck yeah! [keith] wednesdaysss [zach] try guys game time! (upbeat gameshow outro music) [ned] you all knew a lot about me but i hope you learned some new things today. [zach] if you think keith saying gonna fuck you is not the ending of this video. you're crazy

[zach] there is nothing else to say [keith] wednesday niiight

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