mens bedroom color schemes

mens bedroom color schemes

a man's guide to color -10 tips to betterleverage color in your wardrobe [0:00:00]so, a man walks into a room and immediately dominates. other men, they defer to him, he looks likehe’s in charge. women, they’re attracted to him, he lookshigh status. what’s going on? guys, this is the power of color, and youcan use it to your advantage because in today’s video, i’m going over ten colors talkingabout the emotions that they evoke and how you can bring these colors into your wardrobe.

[music]so many men they’re scared of color, they somehow think, oh, it’s going to make meless of a man, it’s effeminate. guys, that could not be further from the truth. let’s go study biology. charles darwin in his book, decent a man,he noted, oh, look at the male of the species, they oftentimes use color to send signalsthat they are ready to mate that they are the dominant that they are in charge thatdo not mess with them do not touch me because i’m dangerous i’m aggressive, i’m poisonous. but, what about human beings?

well, guys, research has clearly shown thatcertain colors evoke a number of emotions that are subconscious. people don’t even know why they’re goingto defer to that individual why they are going to trust them more, why they are attractedto that particular man. guys, you can use this to your advantage. first up with the colors, red and pink. i’m going to go ahead and group them together. in general though, we’re talking about 2%of your wardrobe. let’s talk about the emotions that the colorred evokes.

passion, it makes a man feel more aggressive,more important, more courageous, makes them look more energetic, dominant. and, research has also shown this is basedoff a 2014 study out of the journal of psychology and marketing that wearing red is going tomake you also more persuasive. now, the color pink, it specifically evokesthe emotions of youthfulness, of love, of romance, and of being supportive. so, how to bring red and pink into your wardrobe? the easiest place is going to be accessories;neckties, pocket squares right here you know a little bit of pink.

now, you may notice there is differences inred. oftentimes, the brighter colors are goingto be more youthful, it’s going to be the darker hues which are going to be for theolder more dominant type of feeling that you want to evoke here. this one right here is a very strong red,but i’m going to say it’s not as dominant as this darker color right here. now, i think a well-dressed man especiallywith a darker skin color can bring in pink and red into his shirts as well, a pink shirtclassic. right here, we’ve got a white shirt witha red stripe on it, so from a distance it

actually gives off a little bit of a pinkishvibe, we get up close we see the red. i’ve also seen it with contrast stitchingon watches. notice right here it gives it a bit of a sportylook. i go look at the second hand, some of thecomplication dials, all of a sudden i’m able to see the red in there and it reallystands out. this watch by the way made by vincero, thepaid sponsor of today’s video. they make watches they’re going to helpyou stand apart, they’re going to grab attention, they’re going to get you compliments. they’re great looking watches.

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next up, let’s talk about the color orange. the feelings it evokes; uplifting, fun, playful,creative. and if you don’t like red, you don’t likepink, guys, orange is a great alternative a very powerful color. again, one that’s only going to make upabout 1% of your wardrobe unless you’re a university of texas graduate like myself. now, that being said, you want foundationpieces like a sports jacket being orange? the answer is no. it’s too overpowering, it’s a bit toomuch.

so, where is orange going to work? well, orange is really 1% of a man’s wardrobe,so it’s going to be the accessory pieces, it’s going to be the pocket squares, it’sgoing to be possibly bringing into accent stitching like i talked about. i’ve seen it on boots. all right. so, this jacket you may not be able to see,but it’s got contrast stitching right here that is orange in color. in addition, when i open up the jacket, you’regoing to see the bright orange inner lining

basically the piping that they’ve got rightthere. this is where i feel orange, red, and pinkwhere they really shine. again, is they’re just a little bit of aspice that you add to a larger base color. now, let’s talk about brown. brown is one of my favorite colors in man’swardrobe. it should make up about 10% of your wardrobeand we’re talking dark brown, medium brown, light brown, tan, khaki, and variations ofsuch. and the emotions that it evokes are goingto be an earthy type of natural feel, it’s sturdy, it’s comforting, it’s reliable,it’s rustic.

in general, brown is going to be more casual. like i said, you’ve got it here in the jacket,but notice, i’ve got two tones of brown. i’ve got the lighter and i’ve got thedark brown. it works well together. and guess what? again, shoes. this one suede, i could actually wear thistogether or i could go with this dark brown right here. either one of these would work.

i probably prefer this one right here. [0:05:05]and that’s what i love about brown, when it comes to trousers, when it comes to jackets,when it comes to shoes, you’re going to be able to create an interchangeable wardrobeand match these pieces very easily. next up, we’ve got the color green. it evokes the emotions of being grounded,of stability, of being encouraging. it’s one of my favorite colors. some people love to use it as an accent piece. i actually use it as a canvass piece, a piecethat i build off of.

so, you’re going to see a lot of my jackets,a number of my sweaters. maybe it was my time in the marine corps,but i love a green sweater. now, one of the limitations with green wherebrown is a lot stronger is when it comes to trouser. so, light tan, dark brown, khaki trousersare going to be more interchangeable than a pair of green trousers. however, this pair right here made out ofcavalry twill, it works for my wardrobe because i’ve got a number of blues especially lightblue shirts that i can match with it. next up, let’s talk about the color blueeasily the most popular color in a man’s

wardrobe at twenty six percent. now, fourteen percent of that is going tobe navy blue and indigo, twelve percent is going to be true blue. now, the emotions that it evokes, let’stalk about true blue. this is going to be a serene color, it’sgoing to be trustworthy, it’s going to be free, it’s going to be wise, it’s goingto be inviting. now, with dark blue or an indigo, we see responsibility,honest, and loyalty. when it comes to versatility, blue easilymatches with a wide variety. so, when you’re going for your base pieceslike your first suit, your sports jackets,

your jeans, understand that blue is a verysafe color to go with and to build as a base of your wardrobe. next up, let’s talk about white, makes up20% of a man’s wardrobe. it sends the signal of being clean, of beingvirtuous, of being healthy. this jacket right here is an off white, it’sa bit of a cream. and the reason you would use colors like thiswhich i’m going to go ahead and put together with white is it’s not going to be as sterileas white because white is, again, when we think of underwear, we think of undershirts,we think of white. and that’s why it makes up a majority ofa man’s wardrobe, but also when it comes

to dress shirts. now, where also we going to see white poppingup? i think it works great for a polo especiallyduring the summer, maybe a linen long sleeve shirt. the great thing about white is it’s goingto reflect the sunlight off. it’s going to be one that actually is goingto help keep the temperature down in hot weather. next up, we’ve got the color black makingup 13% of the average man’s wardrobe. i know for some of you guys though it’sgoing to be a bit higher. for me, it makes up a very small percentageof my wardrobe.

it is going to be the most formal of all thecolors out there. and the emotions that it’s going to evokethe emotions of power, of being an authority, of elegance. so, black belongs with black tie. right here, this pair of shoes, this one ofthe most formal pair of shoes, we’ve got the closed lacing system, we’ve got, youknow, the balmoral oxford. this shoe right here, i can wear with a blacktie, i could wear with a dark suit. and for a lot of guys, shoes are where blackis going to dominate. so, do i like black suits?

for me, not personally, i think they’rea little bit too much stark of a contrast. they’re not going to match a wide varietyof shirts and they’re so formal they really deserve to be with black tie, black dressshirts as well, i really don’t think that they’re going to work for most men. my personal opinion is that most men overuse black, i think it should be reserved for formal occasions. next up, the color gray at 18%. practical, conservative. that’s the emotion that goes across andfor me, this is where this color is best used.

for me, a nice overcoat jacket that is goingto get dirty, that’s going to get mud on it, that’s where gray shines. it’s a very easy color when it comes todealing with stains. it’s also a great color when it comes tomatching. so, when it comes to shoes, gray is a non-color. a light gray like this can match a varietyof lighter color trousers. that strength is again shown in trousers. so, when it comes to gray flannel trousersand a variety of the different grays from medium gray to charcoal gray to light gray,you’re going to find that these trousers

are going to work with a wide variety of shirtsand jackets in your wardrobe. next up, we have the colors purple and lavendermaking up about 2% of a man’s wardrobe. and they have a long history with royalty. so, we think of the color purple, we thinkof luxury. we also think of mystery especially the darkerpurple. now, the lighter purple when we see a littlebit of lavender in on this one right here, that can be a very playful fun color. so, if in the spring you want to bring thatin a dress shirt, i think it looks great. now, let’s talk about yellow and gold makingup about 1% of a man’s wardrobe.

the colors yellow and gold evoke a feelingof spontaneity, of being happy, of a relaxing type of feeling. i think gold is an underutilized color. it’s one that’s a little bit harder tobring into your wardrobe, but i think especially with the right tone as an accent piece witha pocket square with a necktie maybe on accessory, it can really stand out. okay. so now, you’ve got the information to startusing color to level up your wardrobe, but how to do this without shocking your friends?

guys, check out this video right here wherei give you five tips on how to incorporate these new style tips into your wardrobe, sothat you don’t get any backlash so that no one say, “no! what are you doing there?” guys, this is how you’re going to implementthe advice i just gave you. [0:10:04]and don’t forget, if you’re in the market for a great looking watch that’s going tohelp you stand apart that’s going to get compliments and is affordable, i want youto check out vincero. i’m linking to them down in the description.

over ten thousand five-star reviews on theirwebsite. again, two-year warranty, free shipping worldwide,and a thirty-day return policy. guys, i’m linking to vincero with the bestdiscount code you’re going to find. go check them out down in the description. [bleeping sound]all right, gents, so which one looks better? which one should i go with? what do you think is going to match better? definitely – definitely this one. now, this one uses the united states marinecorps colors, i had it made as a limited run.

this one, air force. now, my son wants to go to the air force academy,i was a marine, so i’m a little bit hesitant about that, but i’ve got to give the airforce props because air power and at every fort base that i would go to, they alwayshad an ice cream machine. it was crazy. i mean we’re just like the marines alwaysknew if there was an air force base, find your way onto that base because those guysthey live – they live really nice. now, those army bases, navy bases stay awayfrom those things. ah, you know, but air force, yeah, prettycool and i love my co – coasties are pretty

cool too. [0:11:11] end of audio

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