master bedrooms colors

master bedrooms colors

hey, i’m lisa and welcome to the bedroom of jennifer pike in keswick, ontario. this is my third time working with this family, and i just love this house, but it has significant challenges as there’s no basement, a very small garage, and so we have to get really strategic in terms of how we store things in every single inch of this space. so this bedroom definitely became a bit of a storage room for additional items for jennifer and chris, and so i was really excited to give them a very serene, very peaceful, but also very fun and colorful , master bedroom retreat. this is a very dynamic, entrepreneurial couple,

so i wanted them to have a master retreat that really was soothing and serene. so that really started with this bed. this bed from wayfair is like luxurious and fun, however, so affordable and was so easy to purchase on their website and came in like no time at all. and so, i just love the tufted headboard, i love how dramatic it is, but also not too overpowering because creating a serene and simple space was actually really important. so this casper mattress has what’s called zoned support — the foam essentially encourages good spine health while you’re sleeping, and i paired it with their sheets, which

are beautiful and breathable. again, a really important element when you’re thinking about sleep health. i really love utilizing applied mouldings in any capacity in my projects. i just find there is something so special and so custom-feeling when you can take mouldings and just wrap a room in them. and so in this room we did a tongue and groove paneling throughout the entire space and painted it all out a soothing white. in a bedroom, i think textiles are so important, and so i’ve included a blanket ladder from bouclair and a collection of blankets in various textures and colors that work with

the color palette of the space, but also give that warm and cozy feeling that i think is really important in a bedroom. before we had bi-fold doors on the closet, which took up a lot of space into the bedroom. and so, we replaced them with these great sliding doors by metrie. adding color to this space was really important for me ‘cause i wanted it to reflect jennifer’s really vivacious and dynamic personality, and it all started with the custom desk, which we painted in a color called waterfall by benjamin moore. i love this teal, it’s an intense teal for sure, it doesn’t feel too juvenile, and

pairing it with beautiful brass elements, like the hardware that we picked, pairing it with a wood top, which is really good for function. and then, using the teal again in other spaces in the room — in the linens, in the pillows and blankets. so a really fun styling trick that i really like to employ in my projects is to have that dynamic pop of color that maybe is just 10 percent of the room. and in this space, it is yellow. so i painted the bathroom door this gorgeous color called yellow highlighter by benjamin moore, and i just love that it’s a bit unexpected, it’s definitely a showstopper, and it is

truly like a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. this space is also jennifer’s home office. she’s all about health and wellness, so it made sense that we used a chair that really encourages ergonomic health. let me tell you, this is the corechair, and essentially what it does is it encourages mobility all day long. it also combats fatigue, which is really exciting when you are spending a lot of [your] day at a computer. i think a master bedroom really should be a retreat for a couple, especially with a dynamic, working couple like jennifer and chris. you need to be able to come to a space and just relax, so i love

that they get to come here, enjoy their favorite colors, enjoy the serene whites, enjoy the textures, but most importantly, enjoy really high-quality materials that are going to encourage healthy living.

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