master bedroom paint colors 2013

master bedroom paint colors 2013

hey guys it's ray from green apple painting and today we're gonna turn thisroom into you this room! now the biggest change that we're gonnado today is obviously color and the big you know wow factor is going to be thechevrons on the walls below the chair rail so i'm gonna get to that right now andwe'll get started i'm starting out by putting my base coaton

the walls below the chair rail and i'm eventually i'm gonna re paint this baseboard so that's why i'm not taping that off if you're not gonna repaint your baseboards make sure you tape that off really well and the color that i'm using on the walls below the chair rail is a at leastthe base coat is dovetail which is a sherwin williamscolor. now that my base coat is completely dry it's time to start thechevrons now the way we're gonna space these outis we're basically gonna go about 12

inches wide but the chevron stripesthemselves are going to be six inches thick so whati've done a lot of levels they will have the measurements on the side this is really old one so i don't know what i did was i justtook a pencil mark and every six inches i put a line so once i measure out 12 inches across from the corner then i'll simply start to put this up, makesure its level,

and then everywhere i have six inchesi'm just gonna put a mark and i'll show you how to tape that later.with your lines and marks now all drawn out the nextstep is simply tape off the chevrons. so what i'm going to do since this is my base coat it's really simple you're just gonnago to your lines to your marks which is every sixinches for me and put your tape on there i wanna take a 5 in 1 so i kinda

get a nice straight line there and you just alternating so obviouslyyou go to the top here and into the six inches here you go tothe one that's a little bit higher here and then go to the one that's a littleover here keep track of what part you're painting andwhat part you're not because a common mistake is so i went there's the mark right there and i wentbelow that. so the common mistake would be okay will do that here but then that's gonna mess things up ifyou you know

if you're planning on tpainting this sosince this is going to remain this color here the darker color that means i wanna go above the line onthe next one and since this is gonna get painted will go below theline let me get larger piece tape. below the line and that's above the line and the lower the lines

right like that. so you can see i'll paint here this is gonna remain the darker color i'll paint here darker color and paid here and that will remain the same color alright i'mgoing to keep taping and as soon as i'm done that with thatout what i'm gonna do is i'm going to paint over all my edges with the base color so just in case even though this frog tapeand that's what i'm using frog tape here even though this does a really greatjob of sealing the edges

i wanna make sure that if there's any you know what pockets here that can'tget into i'm gonna paint over with this color: so that i'll see you up those edges so iwill keep on taping and you can watch if you want alright the tape is all in place i have sealed the edges bypainting the original color over the top of all these edges and nowi'm just gonna take a whizee the roller

and down paint this second color which is dorian gray that's a sherwin williamscolor and i'm gonna paint that over this and see how it looks! after the firstcoat dries check to see if it needs another coatand if it doesn't go ahead and pull the tape if it needs a second coat letit dry but when you pull the tape make surethat the paint is still wet generally are you don't want pull tape after everything dries because there's a better chance of this you know kinda sticking to thetape and then when pull you'll have a lot

issues whenever you feel this is ready i'mgoing to give this two coats but when yours is our is ready to go makesure you pull that tape while it's still wet the last step this point is to simplydouble check all of your edges and if you have anypencil marks go ahead and touch those up and then you are done with your chevronstripes with the chevrons complete it's time topaint the upper walls. if you'd like a completetutorial on how to paint walls click the linkbelow

in the show notes alright so i wanted togo over some tricky spots that you're probablygoing to run into in this case it's where a door is you might run into this spotmaybe where there's a corner something like that for this obviously i couldn't go any further andi didn't really you know i could put a straight edge and i wasn'tsure where this will end up so all i did was i took you know where our line would normally be where we would make our mark and imeasured from there to the door stop

and in this case that was four inches sothen i went backwards four inches and found out how far downthe stripe would be in this case it was two inches so isimply measure from here to here and then went down to inches then you know went six inches from their six inches from there from there from there and that is how you do those trickycorners also if you're just an inch you know maybe ahalf inch away from you know of the corner or a door frameand just go ahead

and take that that extra inch the human eye can catch a lot of thingsbut it aint that good it's not gonna catch that alright so that's the finished product ihope you liked it i love it and it make sure you subscribe leave a comment and also visitus at and you find canus on facebook at green apple painting so until thenext video hope he loved it and we'll see you nexttime

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