master bedroom color schemes

master bedroom color schemes

when you think of the cottage, you visualize a relaxing space, a stress free environment. updating with a great colour, with a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference when sprucing up your cottage. sometimes when we paint, we choose safe, neutral colours that go with everything. but for this bedroom, we're going to take these safe white walls and shake it up a bit with warm, rich colours. introducing a new colour can really transform this space. when you do a colour change, sometimes we're not sure if we love it or not. the rule is wait 14 days. chances are you are going to love it.

we painted 3 of the walls the gorgeous colour "long john grey", using beauti-tone's designer series paint. now, let's paint the wow colour! to begin painting your wall, you need to cut-in first with a good quality angled brush. cutting can be tedious work, and we often want to get it over with in cutting the room first and then paint the walls. this causes hat banding, where the cut-in area is darker than the walls. cut only 5 ft at a time and then paint the wall. when you paint, you want to paint in a "w" pattern with your roller.

this gives you solid coverage where the colour blends well without seeing any stops or starts. and you are always working wet paint into wet paint, that always gives you a beautiful finish. wow, now that's a transformation! what colour or colours you choose is a personal choice. pick colours that speak to you, make you feel good. stylize with things that are memorable and mean something. this will tell your story and that is the perfect design. the essential decorating question i want to answer for everyone is when choosing colour,

it's not how you want the room to look, but how you want to feel in that room. with beauti-tone's extensive collection of designer colours, you'll be a decorating diva.

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