master bedroom and bath color ideas

master bedroom and bath color ideas

hello everybody today i am renovating the bedroom i tried to find my working pants in this mess without success so that's why i am wearing peter's shorts today i need to buy a new pair at lowes i took down the curtain i have vacuumed and wiped wallpaper is partly coming off

usually i would rip the wallpaper down and put up a new one but this is a "quick and dirty" so i am just going to glue the gaps and get going and then i need to caulk the holes i fyou paint the wall white, the holes will stand out as black dots there's dust hanging from the walls...i need to vacuum the walls.. (..found the pants..) everything is white, white, white just like we want it now, it is time for the bed

i found the most amazing website ever at etsy they sell the most amazing linen linen bedding, bed skirts... anything linen i just took a chance and ordered bedding from them and they are just amazing!! the company name is so linen this is 100% linen so it will wrinkle but that doesn't matter it is a part of the experience

they have real wooden buttons super high quality if you feel like you need more linen in your life.. you can now get 10% off with the discount code christina on etsy or at happy shopping! now i am dong this bed the texture of the linen will warm up this very white room what do you think?

quite an amazing makeover isn't it? the only thing we have done is painting and put in furniture of course i wanted this room to feel light, big and airy so we made it look seamless with both walls, ceiling and floors in white i would like to state that it is the white floor that makes this room look so extra ordinary so if you have an ugly floor that can't be sanded down paint it! you don't have to go all white, you can go light grey or with a darker grey i love light floors...i love white painted floors so much

comment below, let me know what you think this room is very scandinavian, very light... very simple i love it and remember to check out so linen all info below next friday, we will attack the bathroom we're going to update the flooring, paint the walls.. right now the bathroom is disgusting..and we need to give it a major facelift

don't miss the action! next friday :) see you! bye!

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