masculine paint colors for bedroom

masculine paint colors for bedroom

hello, i'm jennifer, with jenniferdecorates and today i have got five tips to help you create a gorgeous businessoffice. i'm in my store right now and i hope to show you more later on thatanother time but what i want to show you first is this really cool door that goesinto my office. my husband built this for me, the whole office. we were in themiddle, i found this door at the flea marketand called him and said "please don't frame out the doorway! i've got a perfectdoor!" had the original glass in it and all i did was put a coat of polyurethaneon it and i got it for a hundred bucks. yeah, i was screaming all the way to mycar. come on in, the first thing you see

when you come in my office is thisgorgeous wall with this huge 60 inch clock. the wall was sheetrock but let meshow you real quick you're not going to believe it, this is paneling from thehome-improvement store. my husband nailed that up and then i did a faux treatment over the paneling to create the look of old brick i get a lot of compliments on that whenpeople come in to see my office. let's look back here on this wall - i've got ahuge mirror that really helps to reflect light and make my office look a lotbigger than it is. underneath i've got console these are my designbooks and i have baskets because i can tend to get messy. this basket is full of paint samples for

clients, this basket i've got a wholebunch of fabric samples that are my favorites and this is just mymiscellaneous messy basket. over here i've got a hook up for my purse andanother basket for overflow of whatever i'm bringing in. this is the mostimportant part of my office. this is my coffee station. the girls come in and fixtheir coffee. one of the coolest things, i'm a huge, i'm kind of a wimpy coffee drinker, i have to have a lot of cream so i don't want to run to the other side of thestore and i found this little refrigerator on amazon. look how little, it's like thebarbie refrigerator and my coffee cream like fits in there perfectly.yeah, brilliant! next in my cute little

refrigerator, i keep this basket full ofwater to refill the keurig and then i just have some more of my design booksand then up here my mom and dad. they watch over me. so let's look at, oh mydrawers, i love my drawers! i'm gonna show you all that so i got the console withdrawers, k-cups and tea, splenda, whatever the overflow is but again, putit in there, close it and i don't have anything that looks messy! so let me show you my desk since my office is small i want to kind of keep it visually openso i got this desk that has just open shelves and again i've got baskets tohide in my stuffs and the coolest thing is this was a splurge this is my officechair. if you're gonna spend a lot of

time in a chair, you've got to have acomfortable one. this one swivels, it goes up and down, very comfortable and ofcourse i think it's really cool-looking, so i talked to my husband into that, let's talk about this wall over here! so i have people that come see me-clients and the girls and husband, they all come sit and chat so i havecomfortable chairs but also low profile because i don't have a lot of room. i'vegot a table that sits between the chairs with a lamp and again, open, looks greatup against that brick and then i hung two drapery panels to kind of cozy up andwarm up the room and then just two more square mirrors on each side i don'tusually do a lot of mirrors but i just

thought those were kind of cool, so ilove them. let me show you one other thing, it's this light up here. this is myfavorite and lighting is really really importantin your office. now i have got one, two, three lamps in here and you're probablygonna say, "okay jennifer, i'm not coming into my office and turning off three lamps!" okay,this is the coolest thing ever we found it on amazon. it is, we called the "lightclicker". it comes with five different little plugins that go in the wall. youcan plug each lamp in and you can really essentially turn off each lamp one at atime but i've got mine all plugged in on the same one and it turns them off in oneclick all of my lamps. so i just come in

and click it on, makes it extremely easy!so let me recap the five tips on creating a great business office: numberone, extremely important, is your lighting. if you're just working under fluorescentlighting, get some lamps! number two, is wall decor. don't be afraidto go big on a small wall. number three, is mirrors. that opens up any space whether its your home or your business. number four, furniture. if you can choose yourfurniture for your business office choose one with a little character andchoose one that's not quite so big and bulky. then number five, this is mostimportant, and that is design around productivity and what i mean by that isif you're coming into an office that's

dusty and dirty and cluttering it's timeto clean it out add new lighting because it will help your productivity soar. nowif you'd like to create this wall, this gorgeous faux brick wall, i have got thelink to the exact brick below, as well as, to the cute little refrigerator and thelight clicker. i hope you enjoyed this video. be sure to subscribe to my channel. we'll have a new video out next week and i hope you have a great day!

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