martha stewart bedroom paint colors

martha stewart bedroom paint colors

hey guys! it's jess from mad in crafts. today i'm going to show you how to use a cool new pattern roller from marthastewart crafts. this is not a sponsored video, but plaid did send me the rollerand the handle to try for free. you have to assemble the roller handle before youuse it, but it's super easy to put together and you don't need any tools. just screw the handle onto the metal bracket and insert the foam roller intoone set of the three holes in the center of the bracket. for this project i choseto use their vintage floral pattern ruler, but they make them in a variety ofdifferent patterns this soft rubber roller will apply a continuous patternon whatever surface you use it on.

just insert the roller into one of the twoholes at the top of the roller handle. these products are mainly meant for homedecor use, but i wanted to try them out on a smaller project first. i'm usingfabric creations fabric ink to roll the pattern onto a cheap tote bag. start by adding ink to a plate or roller pan. just make sure that it's big enoughfor the roller. then remove the pattern roller and roll the foam roller in theink. let the ink really absorb into the foam, then you can reinsert the patternroller. give the roller a few passes over apiece of scratch paper to make sure that the ink has covered all of the raisedareas of the pattern roller. then all you

have to do is roll the pattern rightonto the tote bag. the foam roller automatically inks the pattern roller, soyou don't have to keep dipping back and forth into the ink. it really isridiculously easy to do. i did have some spots where i had gotten ink on partsof the pattern roller that i shouldn't have, but if i have been paying a betterattention i could have easily fixed that before i started rolling. the rubberpattern roller cleaned up in no time. the foam roller took quite a bit of rinsingto get clean, but that's to be expected with an absorbent foam roller.i think this martha stewart pattern roller would be amazing for furnituremakeovers or painting a fun accent wall.

this floral roller, like i said, is justone of several patterns they have available, so check out the descriptionbox below for more information. click the thumbs up button, if you learned somethingnew today. subscribe to this channel if you aren't already. visit me on my blogmad in crafts, and thanks so much for watching! bye!

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