manly bedroom colors

manly bedroom colors

hello my creative weirdos! welcome! we're doing another bedroom on budget video and today we have a wonderful participant. his name is drew, he's 27 years old, he is a music teacher and a tutor, and he just really needs his place pulled together so he can welcome both students and hopefully some dates. we have three hundred dollars and one day to shop the room, and we also have an hp spectre x-360, who are kindly sponsoring this video today as well, and this thing is beautiful and sleek and i'm also gonna gift this to him at the end of the video (shh) don't tell him. it's a surprise. don't worry, it's not part of the three hundred dollar budget, which is good because we have a lot of work to do in there. okay, let's start the clock! ready, let's go see the room!

knock knock i'm mr. kate! hey, you don't even need the introduction. you already know who this is. i'm mr. kate. i'm here. i'll take a look at your place i'll stop by for a while and help you find your style. we'll laugh and we'll paint.

mr. kate i'm mr.kate drew! hi! hi you're like our first dude in a while. hey tell me a little bit about your history with interior design. zero.

oh, okay yeah. shoeboxes are now my filing cabinet; uh huh tv i found on the street. i love a good side-of-the-road find! that's the theme of my room, side-of-the-road stuff. so i know that you teach music, i teach photography, which is awesome.

and you have your students come in here. i don't want them to come into this room but, sometimes we have to. right i don't want them to be scared of me, and never come back. really! so that's like an actual conscious thought (it is) that you, so we definitely want to change that. we want to make this a space that you are not embarrassed - that would be great

about. yeah, that would be great so a masculine space that is welcoming but neutral colors. neutral. okay neutral neutral and now i don't mean to pry but can you tell me about your love life? you're dating life?

my dating life. i meet someone i like and then i map out like--wait. they'll eventually have to see my room. that's that's not gonna work. so that just sort of stops it right there. oh my gosh, you like put the kibosh on it, because of your room? oh my gosh that is huge. so this space could represent a lot of changes for you in life. it could. it really could. i'm so excited! you have places you can go today, right? because i want you out of the room so that you can come in and see it *beautiful*.

so that means you gotta get out of here, okay? go drew, i love you. go, goodbye, have fun. bye, drew see ya later, no peeking! okay guys so let's sketch out the floor plan, shall we? i'm gonna sketch it out and that will also be really helpful when we go shopping to know what we need to get. okay, so we have a rectangle room here, and obviously right now his bed is on this side... i really like to place the bed on the long side of a wall, i think it kind of ends up making the most sense in a bedroom

and then i think his headboard is in good enough shape and we don't have a ton of budget obviously to get a new one, so let's reuse his headboard. if we can budget it to get him a new, newer old tv that would be cool. so, maybe a flatscreen mounted here across the bed. now he has that dresser which is a highboy. which is in good shape so i think we put that over here basically where the bed was...

and then, of course we want curtains! curtains, curtains, yes. no more blankets on the windows, and then i think we keep the desk actually where it is i think we give him a longer desk so maybe something cool like out of plywood i love that look, it actually looks really cool and kind of minimalist. and then, let's mount a guitar on the wall. so that's the plan! now i gotta go find joey. okay, so we're in the car, and we are kind of wrapping our minds around this shopping extravaganza we're about to have... definitely want to get him a new tv.

found one. what you've been searching? let me see. 42" for $40. oh, that's good. cash only sale. i got cash. picking up the tv first order (joey: first order of business). okay guys, so we're now at the sky apartments building where he has the tv that we're gonna pick up. joey just went inside so hopefully he comes out with a working tv... success! does it work? yeah, it works.

did you test it? yeah, i tested it. it's uh, it's big. tv done. now we just gotta find everything else. yeah! guys we are here at the helping hand thrift shop: vintage and collectibles. very excited, there's already stuff on the sidewalk,

which makes me feel like this is a very full store because they can't fit everything inside! so, let's go see! oh my gosh those are rad! those lights! those vintage old school with like the kind of like a leather finish on it? should we get him roller blades? no. should we get me roller blades? no. let me see if i can get these roller blades on... joey. joey. joey! oh my gosh. joey!

seriously? joey! joey, oh my gosh, guitar pick storage. sure, no? like, he really doesn't have like homey stuff in his room, you know?those are cool. those blue ones right there. these are cool! oh my gosh, they're all shakespeare. oh my gosh. these are a dollar. frames... all right. we do need accessories to style, you know?

look, how cool! oh yeah, that's cool. how rad is that!? oh my gosh, look at this! how cute, he moved to california from missouri. yep, so maybe he passed some cactuses on the way...(what?) okay, great. wait joey! look, a filing cabinet! should we use this as the base for the desk?(joey: yeah, okay) maybe we can paint it like the wall colors, or something.

hello? you got everything we need? *lots of banter over phone* hello yeah, i think i'm ready check out. you ready to check out? yeah. okay great. okay so, thrift store down! got stuff!!! so now we're gonna head to a big-box store and get bedding. we need a chair. i'm gonna see if they have any rugs on clearance. yes, a new light, because he has a fluorescent light in his bedroom.

*noo* we don't have much money left to spend. i know we're getting really tight on this budget. it's crazy how far it goes... and we need to save money for the big sheet of plywood so we can do a cool desk - let's do it - and then let's get lunch. high-five! boom, so we just hit up the big box store and scored, scored, scored! so the rule there is go straight to the clearance section or the returns area and see if there's anything that you can find a deal on. which we did! this rug was only on $30 look at these neutral tones right neutral for drew. and how about this chair, ladies and gentlemen, look at this beautiful bistro chair! you can put it in his room as an accent chair and

it can also be for his students. more plants! cup for his pens, this was just a mob... more clearance... candles, two candles. a little notebook... i love this too, look how pretty that is, and then very important beautiful gray sheets, look at these! pretty, classy. yes, look at this beautiful comforter. neutral and gray, and then i'm very excited about this basket!!!!

$9.99 *score* and it's so cool! look, it says laundry on it. and then look at these beautiful curtains, and then i love this pillow... just one throw pillow. we only have a budget for one throw pillow for the bed, but i really love this pattern. the only thing we have left to get is hardware store stuff. a great budget saving tip for you guys, go to the hardware store and already have your cuts in mind and they can pre-cut it for you there, so you just can leave with the pieces and then screw them into the wall, you don't have like an expensive tablesaw. alright, well can you just draw the desk how you want it to look so i know how to get the wood cut?want to go to the hardware store to do that?

yeah, all right i'm thinking we use the new chest of drawers as the base for then a new desk.... that goes like in to the corner. and that'll be nice, look way longer desk so that he'll have room to sit here with his chair, but then if he wants to have his student sit next to him in the smaller chair! cool, but then i also want to build like a backing for the desk that kind of goes up and then we have maybe some like little red shelves, so we could either have like one ledge shelf in the middle or we could have like one here. alright.

so we're gonna hit up the hardware store, get the wood, and then maybe a little lunch? and we will see you back in the room! wait joey, [(joey): what's up?] i like the backside of this headboard better... look, it's not the same. no. this is like the stripes, but then on the back it's just solid. i think that's like a cleaner, that's more manimalist. so plan, here's your pointer stick. oh. it's the window rod. oh, thank you. alright, so plywood desk going over there. tv mounted there, our new-old tv.

newer old tv mounted. oh, also some kind of diy guitar mount over there. new curtains, ring rod, his highboy dresser here, and then i have a diy clock project. i want to do it above this. that's gonna go here. i think, since we have the leftover of that dark gray paint we should paint dark gray here. white. white. white. (white on the other walls) popcorn ceilings we're not touching, obviously no, but change out that light. by the time you're back, i'm gonna have painted, installed the desk, mount the tv, curtains on the wall... sounds great! how much time do i have left?

*sighs* okay, we better get going! okay, diy project time! my favourite time. we are going to be doing some music themed diys for this music teacher, but you know, keeping it manimalist, keeping it cool. not being cheesy with it, right? so, i saw this clock online that i thought was so cool. it's a clock where they use the music notes to signify the time, so like a quarter note, then a quarter note, plus a half note, then a whole note, whatever like they basically use the notes to add up the numbers around the clock. and i thought that was so cool, and it looks very manimalist, we don't have the budget to buy it, so we're gonna diy it. okay, so i have here in front of me

one of the frames that we thought of the first store, very inexpensive. i've taken it apart, and i took out the glass because we are going to be using a clock work that i'm gonna put it behind and then drill a hole through the middle and then attach obviously the hands on and it can run around on the front of our piece of paper here, and then i'm going to draw with my pretty calligraphy pen the music notes just very simply, in black, on this kind of aged paper that was already in the frame, already cut to size, thank you thrift store, and then this is just my template. i'm gonna sketch it out lightly with pencil first, so that i know that it's centered

and i like it and then i'm going to poke through with my sharp knife to feed the clock work through, and then i'm gonna go over with the pen and erase any pesky pencil lines after i'm happy with the look. i'm going to replace the picture hanger that was on this side. i'm going to put it up here so we have something to hang from at the top, since the clockworks going to be right in the center. we need something that sticks off the wall about the same amount as the clockwork. now it's time to attach these little beauties guys, i'm a clockmaker! i'm like

geppetto and joey is my pinocchio <3 now i just have to put it back in the frame. i'm just gonna use a frame surround, leaving this open, of course, and no glass in front and put it on the wall ,oh i've got a saggy hour hand, i'll fix it. okay friends, we have our chest of drawers here. it's a little beat-up, but i have to say it looks a lot better than a stack of old shoeboxes which is what drew is currently using for all of his papers. so, i'm not a huge fan of this green i mean i like green, but this green is a little bit bright for our

neutral color palette, so i want to paint out these drawers again. i do have my sander on hand to just get rid of some of this peeling paint. how much time do we have left? *freaks out* one of the most pleasant sounds on planet earth. great, here we go. wait can i get to put it up please? here you go, friend. nice and secure on the wall, yes! i love it so much! it is

minimalist, manly "manimalist" and we have the celebration of music from the guitar here, to our music clock over there and he had a dresser, that was already in here, that looks so much cooler now with the brass accent. our amazing laundry basket that was so cheap, and then i love the asymmetry of the pendant light over the bed. it's like you know a kind of cool twist on a bedside lamp. and then we're using our side chair as a side table. and then this thing with joey built is just so rad. it has such a beautiful kind of whimsy. an then of course, i hope he's very excited about his gift. where is he? drew, here's your chair

alright, joey. do you have drew? yeah, i got him right here. okay, come on in! alright drew, ready? i think so.. see your new bedroom. *freaks out* oh my god! wait!? let's go!!! this is an actual room now. you're a real boy, you can have your guitar lessons in here. how did you build this? it's one piece of plywood. isn't that great!? hanging guitar!!

isn't that cool? now you're legit! *laughs* awe, how cute! well, we've never seen that before. *laughs* we brought you into the current decade tv. oh, i didn't even see that! there are so many things to see so, this is your now cool-looking chair for your students to sit on so this is your bedside table you just take off the remote and the candle, pull it over and have your your music lesson. wait by the way ready ready? we did this all for under $300!

do you love it? there's one more thing too we're gifting you this hp spectre x-360 laptop. oh my god! you can sit there, you can kind of flip through the music and then yes, you get to keep it! you can say, you know what, music student, what i really want you to do is i want you to focus in on this part i want you to go ahead and staccato this. so this obviously wasn't part of the 300 budget but this is just an extra gift for you yay! you love itt i accept it, oh my god thank you so much kate handmade that artwork

it's a clock, music note clock you're a real boy and i'm geppetto so creative, and you have new drawers too, so no more shoe boxes forget those shoeboxes! and we put the fridge in your closet. i don't need it anymore! this is a room. yes, it is it's a room and it's a place to do business, and sleep and relax so all those sleeping relaxing happening spins on this side

and then the work and the kids are gonna come over to take at our lessons you know i want to be like this guy when i grow up. i want to have a plywood desk, and the lady is not only the students, but the ladies can come over now yeah you have a really cool laundry basket. as a lady, i respect that. i'm so excited - to live here now awe, i'm so glad. you deserve it you should give kate a guitar lesson anytime, oh no yeah, take us out. i'll just okay. i'll be there. i'll be the parent

*singing* finishing this room and it looks so lovely this is the end of the episode drew, hope you enjoy your roooom *singing* beautiful i'm gonna fluff this up for you drew, get out of your hair thanks, buddy. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. i'm just gonna reset that that goes here and here no pressure, but keep it like that okay? alright bye, bye! thank you.

dreww, he's so cute you guys, the power of design, it is deeper than just paint on the walls, it means something and it helps your mood and expresses who you are and thanks for hp for hooking us up with that spectre x-360 i think was awesome. thank you so much because i'm so glad i got to also get that to him it's gonna be so helpful for him with its students with the sheet music if you guys want to see more holidays unboxed go to and subscribe if you aren't already yes, we love you creative weirdos. thank you so much for watching our videos we couldn't do it without you, so if you like the design our beautiful neutral

minimalist manly "manimalist" space leave us a music note emoji in the comments below sing us a happy song with the happy music notes, or a roller blade emoji. you should've seen me on there i saw you from above and it was scary, you were like in the middle of the street and cars were passing by okay, guys. we will see you in our next video. we're gonna head home. i love you. bye thank you <3 ***check the desc. for people who helped with language subtitles :)***

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