light blue paint colors bedroom

light blue paint colors bedroom

blue. midnight blue. royal blue. deep darkblue. all breathtaking, yet nature has produced another blue; the miraculouscolor so unique that it belongs in a category of its own.the structural bloom of the morpho took nature tens of thousands of years to create this structural blue color "structural color is the designer's dreamtechnology. by using this, we bring to life the rich curvature of the lc body." "by basic nature of how light travels in structural color, the color changes fromone color to another color – when we look

from different angles. we wanted todeliver an amazing experience for our customer by inventing new ways toachieve a magical pure blue that stays blue: always." "it was a very exciting programme to be able to collaborate between viavi's thin-film expertise and lexusautomotive. chromo-flare pigments were developed for really extreme colorshift effect and that's very different than the requirements lexus has forstructural color blue so that was very challenging." "well, i think what mostpeople would be surprised to find is that if you took the materials that areused to make the pigment, they have no color. structural blue does not containany blue material. it looks blue only

because of the interference of light.the process begins with colorless particles of aluminum and zinc sulfide. these are vacuum coated onto transparent film in multiple layers at which point they take on a blue appearance. after coding, the film is inspected inover 1,000 different locations to ensure lexus quality. the production process is comprised of12 separate steps including the multi-layer structure being strippedfrom the film, dried, ground into flakes and heat treated. color quality is checked at each stepand only pigment that passes a total of

twenty quality inspections can be used. consequently, it takes eight months toproduce enough structural color pigment for 300 lexus lcs. "after 15 years of hard work starting from the concept stage, we finally arrived at the product.layers of colors and materials come together to generate the ultimate color.""depending on the lighting conditions, lc structural blue polarizes differentexpressions. in sunlight, without a cloud in the sky, the color still castsdetailed shadows. when lit in the dark of the night, structural blue glows as if the lc is emitting light." the morpho butterfly has multi-layered scales. these scales reflect visible light, creating a

jewel-like blue. the lexus lc structural blue.using original technology, lexus is the first in the world to attain themagnificent blue of the morpho butterfly. instead of approximating it withartificial techniques, lexus was determined to follow nature's's a blue that changes with the eye of each beholder. a blue defined by thesensitivity of each individual. so, how do you see blue?

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