lavender color bedroom

lavender color bedroom

as the place where you spend most of your time doing various kinds of things, your bedroom deserves to be overhauled. it’s going to be fun, isn’t it? now hold your exuberant smile for a second! here is the stinker. you are on a tight budget. what are you going to do? don’t fret! i’ve compiled 10 limited budget bedroomsets ideas

that will help you to make the most of your limited budget and even space. so, cheer up and let’s check them out! same as yesterday, this list is brought to you by 10. a bedroom for an avid biker some people are reluctant to have a bedroom in the ceiling as it is prone to be dark and dank. nothing could be further from the truth. just like any other spots in your house, a bedroom in the ceiling can turn out well if you treat it properly.

this bedroom looks fabulous although it is located in the ceiling, thanks to the glass window that let the natural light to get into the room and banish the dark and dank feeling. if you think the bedroom needs decorating, you can harness your drawing skills to sketch out the panorama of a town with a bike to create a soothing effect. 9. hide them all is it a bedroom? or a reading room?

it turns out it is both of them. a small bedroom can be frustrated as it doesn’t allow you to place a few pieces of furniture. besides, you won’t be able to move through due to the limited space. if you have an undersized bedroom, investing in some furniture that satisfies multiple functions will be your safe bet, just like this bedroom. the raised reading room features a pull-out bed and some drawers that can also be functioned as steps to the reading room. if you are going to use the bed, just pull it out.

once you’ve made the bed, you can push it back so it can open up your space. 8. sporty bedroom this is the look that every teenage boy has been dying for especially if they are keen on playing basketball. the good news is you can get this simple look in an affordable price. you only need to get a backboard and mount it above the headboard or the pillows as this area tends to be the focal point of a bedroom. not only will it serve as a great focal point, but also a place for your kid to carve out his basketball maneuvers.

to accentuate the backboard, you can paint the wall black matte. if you think you need something that can perk the black wall and backboard up without burning a hole in your pocket, opt for a white marker pen and begin to write down motivational sentences or simply draw something. 7. black and white bedroom for boys boys’ room is usually simple yet attractive. unlike girls, they don’t bother decorating their bedroom. they focus on the functions of the bedroom rather than the appearance.

but it doesn’t mean you can just ignore the layout. you still need to design the layout fastidiously for your ultimate comfort. just like any other boys’ bedrooms, the simpler, the better. to maintain its simplicity, black and white hues are what you can see here. although there is no adornment, it still looks great, thanks to the furniture that is not only help you store your books and stuff but also decorate the black wall and the area above the headboard. 6. get that pokemon having a theme-based bedroom can alleviate the crammed feeling.

it can also encourage you to stay in your bedroom a little bit longer as it promotes the ultimate comfort. if you are a fan of pikachu, you can make an accent wall by painting the wall behind the headboard red and white just like a pokemon capsule. to take this pokemon look to the next level, you can just draw the pictures of pokemon like pikachu on the wall. 5. multi-purpose sectional sofas do you have sectional sofas at home?

if you do, you’re lucky because i am gonna show you that a sectional sofa is more than just a place to sit on. if you tweak the sofas a little bit, you’ll get both sofas to lounge on and a bed to sleep. you will only need to install hooks on the sofas’ legs to keep them binding together. this will definitely help you to salt away your money as you don’t have to invest in a bed. 4. modern farmhouse bedroom do you like the rustic appearance of a modern farmhouse bedroom but you need to get by on the tight budget?

don’t worry! now it’s time for you to come up with brilliant no-cost adornments that you can find in your storage room or the flea market near you. focus on the area behind the bed is better as it tends to draw people’s eyes. just hang any well-worn things you find like a barn door, glass windows, or salvaged shutters. arrange them conscientiously so the bed gets the center stage of this bedroom. 3. let’s shop around if you are caught a little short,

shopping around in garage sales or flea markets to find old but not obsolete things that can be used to embellish your bedroom is such a great idea. anything can make a pretty good focal point when treated properly, just like these paddles. they might be old. but with a little magic and hard work, you can make them look as good as new. 2. ford truck bed this bed will make your kid feel jubilant as having a car-themed bed is the dream of many kids.

unfortunately, purchasing a new bed can make you broke. therefore, you should try another smart solution like cutting off an old ford that you get from a flea market. not only will it help you save more bucks but also create a happy smile on his face. before we get to number 1, i suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you, and bell icon beside it. that's way, you will receive a new notification directly in your mailbox every time i publish a new video.

1. bunk bed ideas bunk bed is the best solution for a small bedroom especially if your kids have to share room. the first bed is usually confined and dark. if your kid keeps squawking about his confined bed, try creating a spectacular bed for him/her. you can install string lights to illuminate the first bed. you can also have a magazine rack or small bookshelf to store their books. if he/she wants to get privacy,

install a curtain rod along the bed and curtains to cover the lower area. now you know that creating a mind-blowing bedroom doesn’t have to make you short on cash. you can even opt for no-cost solutions to get an amazing bedroom while saving more money. that’s it, before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share it with anyone inside your close friend or family list. come back again next time with more home or decorating ideas. and until that time, thanks for watching.

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