kids bedroom color ideas

kids bedroom color ideas

a shared spaceis about more and not less. i'm ray coleman.i work for ikea as an interior designer. i'm going to give you some tips andideas on how to achieve your own space. in my first example, i've startedwith storage as a room divider. i've added bedside tablesto increase the storage and to personalise the space more. i've added two bedsto strengthen the symmetry of the room. textile and children's toyspersonalise the room. the rugs and colour coordinatethe different personalities

that live in the room,you get two rooms in one. so in our second example, here we startedwith a long, narrow room. i've put the bedsheadboard to headboard for maximised floor space. to create privacy in this room, i used a textile curtainas a room divider. we can pull the curtain and the roomis open for the kids to play. the starting point in this room

was that i wanted to createa cosy corner for a young girl. to create this cosiness,i've added textile over the bed and to the sides. but the family's growing and she nowshares her room with her little brother, so i createda cosy little space for them each. actually, we did this room for real. both have shelves over their bedto put their favourite things on. the toys can be storedunder the bed in boxes that suit the personalitiesof the children.

so here we have it.comfort and companionship, plus your own spaceand your own things is the best of both worlds.

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