images of bedroom color wall

images of bedroom color wall

[music playing] you don't need a canvasto create original artwork. make a unique statementwith stripes. fill a room with stripesand many colors. make them wide or narrow,horizontal or vertical, horizontal stripes make a roomappear more spacious. vertical stripes makethe ceiling appear higher. no matter whatpattern you choose, stripes are an easyand creative way

to enhance any room. in this video, we'll show you how topaint horizontal stripes. step 1:preparation. think about the designyou'd like to create. do you want the stripesto be wide or narrow? you may want to paintmore than one color stripe or tone-on-tone, which is the same colorusing different sheens.

you'll also need to knowthe dimensions of your wall. if you want the stripesto have the same width, measure the wallfrom the ceiling to the floor and divide by an odd numberto determine the stripe width. an odd number of stripes ensures the stripes at the topand bottom of the wall are the same color. for example, if yourwall is 96 inches and you want wide stripes,divide by a smaller odd number,

like nine. for a more narrow stripedivide by a larger odd number, like 15. keep in mind stripes look best if they are between4 and 12 inches wide. once you've determinedyour design, gather the right toolsfor your project at your neighborhoodsherwin-williams store. choose your paint colors.

one color is the base coat and the others arecoordinating colors, which create the stripe pattern. make sure you havethe following supplies: 1 or 2-inch low-taxsafe-release tape, a 9-inch roller frame and cover,mini roller frame and cover, roller pan with liner,tape measure, carpenters level, straight edge and a pencil. step 2: paint the base coat.

you can use your existingwall color as the base coat or apply a new color. if you apply a new color, let it dry for atleast four hours or overnight for best results. step 3:mark and tape the stripes. measure and mark the linesfor each stripe on the wall. use a level or straightedge to create the linesfor your stripes.

if you're using a chalk line,use blue chalk because red and yelloware permanent. apply tape to every other stripe and place it justoutside the line so you cover it with paint. the last step isto paint the stripes. for good coverage, apply the paintover the tape line. paint every other stripe.

let it dry for at leastfour hours. then remove the tape by angling it awayfrom the painted stripes. creating original arton your walls is easy with sherwin-williams. whether you go wide, narrowor vary the size stripes enhancethe look of any room. for more information about otherdecorative techniques

or sherwin-williams,visit

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