ideas for master bedroom paint colors

ideas for master bedroom paint colors

(music).so it's painting week at office spaces. i've brought in pheonix painting to paint the interiors.pheonix has worked on many large commercial painting projects before. so they understandthis scope of work and they understand my needs. i have a lot of detailed painting workto be done and they have experience doing large scale projects so i have faith in themto get the job done. i've dedicated the perimeter of the building to private offices where thewindows can bring a lot of the natural day light. here, i want to treat the whole backwall in an accent color. as you walk by all of the offices with the glass fronts you seea beautiful blue accent wall. i wanted to create that feeling of sameness throughoutthe building and create a rhythm.

the one thing that kalyn and i discuss a lotare color, the use of color, and how color affects moods and people and again it's aboutbalance. you want something that reflects the company in a very vibrant way, but isn'ttoo much and so that's the one… if kalyn and i discuss anything it's the use of i'm going to show you two different accent wall options, two different again i wanted to bring that accent color, blue, into the space. from office to officeit's sort of unifies the different office spaces and also gives us some unity. so thisis the first color option. but let's talk about option number two. so this one is amuch deeper, richer blue. we want to create a nice color pop and that'sa little too dimmed down, right? muted?

so option one? everyone is happy with optionone? yes! absolutely.okay, good. i wanted each office to offer a creative way for the employees to expressthemselves. so each side wall of the office is first being painted white and then treatedwith a clear coat on top of that. so it will become a dry erase you can just, basically it's a dry erase board, but the whole wall is?the whole wall is. because you guys wanted to be more paperless, so this way if you'rehaving a meeting in your office you can write notes, you can… you know we have so manycreative types in the company… right, it's creative, it's collaborative,and it's paperless.

the other wall will have a black, chalkboardbubble that you can write on. so on this wall is is the whole wall a chalkboard paint or just an area? i have a little surprise with what we've decidedto do with the chalk board paint so it's a smaller area. it's not the whole wall.ok, got it. so it's a surprise. it's actually the graphic symbol for brandstar's“listn tv” logo. so i drew it in autocad and then pheonix paintingmade a template of the bubble and recreated it on the wall.we're going to be placing television monitors in that black bubble later, but mostly i thinkthe chalkboard bubble will just be a fun way for employees to express themselves in theirindividual space and personalize their office

without hanging a multitude of picture framesand clutter. even the simple thing like having the whiteboardpaint wall so that people could be in rooms and collaborate together with an outcome isextremely important in a fast-passed creative environment that we're in.i think mark and carmen were especially excited about this color scheme. it's green, it'sgood for the environment, and it's a fun way to express creativity, which is what thisplace is all about. the chalkboard walls and the dry-erase wallsreally came out well. i think they're not only going to be fun, but they'll be greatfor collaboration. it's all about making every element of this office functional.i'm so excited to move in. we have all sorts

of things like chalk walls where people canwrite in chalk and white walls, and everybody is just chomping at the bit to get in here.(music).

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