ideas for bedrooms colors

ideas for bedrooms colors

(yawning) - [courtney] i just hadthe best sleep of my life. okay, let's get started! this desk is everything inever knew i always needed. oh my gosh, it folds up and down, and then it still has the ledge? this is amazing! oh, it looks so pretty on my wall! yep, this is perfect.

nice, good job, courtney. and i guess i can get some work done now. or coffee. this table is from sobuy,and i got mine for $46. okay, i think it goes like this. how did i get this wrapped up in a cord? also, why is this cord so long? just place it, and turn it on. it's beautiful.

i never saw a light bulb in a cage before, but you know, i think i dig it. yep, this will work. you can get this at color cord company for about $47 in different colors, and they even havedifferent kinds of bulbs. and i'm already becoming more productive with my minimalist bedroom. i learned how to balancea planter on my head.

just kidding. i feel like these are really going to make me look like an accomplished human. look at that, i bought a cactus. i am officially becoming my mother. i shall name him ferdinand,and he will be my ferdinand, and he will make my tea minty. and i bought the differentsizes from west elm in black and white, perfect forstaggering them on my walls.

and now, my new mirrorfrom urban outfitters. oh, it's slim, maybeit's a slimming mirror. maybe if i angle it enough,it can be a slimming mirror. i can hang things on it. i can put this here or here, here? where's that bag i got for christmas? or a scarf, do i own a scarf? look at me! yeah, i like this.

i will place this here. okay, art, art tieseverything together, right? are these straight? no. okay, perfect, i even have anice little theme going on. picture of the ocean, quoteabout washing my worries away. i was able to buy the dowelfrom urban outfitters, and i bought the prints on etsy. they had so many designs, itwas so hard to choose from,

but i narrowed it down totwo, took them to staples, and they printed themnice and easy for me. a quote, a picture... i look like i justdecorated off of pinterest. for the first time every, iactually really love my room! god, i'm good. and it's time for a nap. see you later, guys.

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