ideal color for bedroom

ideal color for bedroom

[music playing] so, you're refreshingthe dining room and you are looking for anappetizing new color for the walls. you know, red is a colorknown to stimulate the appetite. so that's a good start. now which shade of redwould be best for you? a deeper, more vibrant red, like heartthrob, is proven toamp up the energy level of a room, just what you need to rousethe dinner conversation.

is maintaining a coordinated colorflow from room to room a priority? if the walls in the adjoining spacesare neutral, for example, a more muted, earthy red, like bravado red,would make a great choice. or if surrounding areasfeature blue walls, consider a redwith hints of blue violet, such as framboise. creating a cohesive look withinthe room can be accomplished by using a particular redfound within the fabrics,

artwork or accessoriesfeatured in the room. a gentle pastel or shadelike breathless offers a vintage floral feel, infusing a fresh breathof springtime year-round, proving red can besoft and delicate too. red's eye-catching quality makes it an ideal colorfor creating an accent wall. which helps give the rooma strong focal point. or you might want to consider

making your ceilingyour center of attention. a strong color, like positive red, can highlighta decorative medallion and introduce a contemporarytwist to a traditional room. how about doubling downon your creativity? a monochromatic scheme, using two different shadesof red in the same room, lends a dramatic,yet sophisticated touch. shown here arewhite truffle and glamour.

sticking to onecolor family like red can also make the roomappear larger than it really is. by unifying the room color, the eye takes inthe volume of the space, rather than focuson any one object. use two reds and alternatingstripes for instant personality. this more contemporary lookuses equally spaced stripes. do you have a general color in mind but need help finding just the rightshade to complete your room?

the color visualizer toolon can help virtually paint any room with morethan 1,500 sherwin-williams colors to confidentlystart your next project.

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