how to paint bedroom walls two different colors

how to paint bedroom walls two different colors

once all your switch plates are removedand surfaces you don't want paint on are masked off, you can begin your color washaccent wall. when picking your paint colors, don't choose two colors with toomuch contrast as well as colors too close and value. we usually suggestpicking an off-white color and a medium value color such as coral or mediumblue. rid your room of dry paint in the future by wiping the outside of yourpaint can with a paper towel and swirling your brush in and around therim, pushing excess paint back into the can. this will keep your paint fresh foryears! once you have poured both colors intoyour tray, dip your large staining brush

into both colors at once. blend yourcolors together right on the wall using a crosshatch technique. keep yourmovements light and fast and move your wrists in different directions while youdo this. always remember while painting your color wash, try to avoid roundbulls-eyes or rigid linear horizontal and vertical lines. from time to timestep back and evaluate your technique. aim at creating these kind of continentalshapes that are organic and irregular within your color wash. you can lightlymist your wall here and there using a spray bottle while working to blend inthe colors but do this very lightly and use a fine mist to avoid water drippingdown your wall.

use the same blending technique for youredges and corners. you can use a chip brush to get into those tighter creases.after the color wash is complete let it dry fully and lightly sand the wallusing 220 to 240 grit sandpaper or even a folded brown bag to knock off anypaint pieces or brush hairs that have been left behind.lightly mist the back of your stencil with spray adhesive to reduce bleed. whenhanging your mandala stencil, make sure it's straight with a clip-on stencillevel. you can get this in the link in the description below. now it's time toget some paint on your roller. evenly load your 4-inch dense foam roller withmetallic paint. we used modern masters

pale gold paint. then offload excesspaint onto a paper towel. you can get this roller on www.cuttingedgestencils.comlightly roll on your gold metallic paint. make sure the whole mandala is coveredand then go in with a second coat. this way your mandala will look fierceagainst your color wash wall!

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