houzz bedroom paint colors

houzz bedroom paint colors

(upbeat music) - my name is galeana younger, and my son, gray and ilive in san antonio, texas, and i'm an interior designer. i used to drive by thishouse all the time. i grew up not far from here. it's a really beautiful neighborhood. the houses are all historic. this house in particularwas really, really run down,

but it had a certain charm that was always appealing to me. san antonio is heavilyinfluenced by mexico and the mexican culture, and this home did have that stucco facade. it had a clay-tile roof. when i walked in, it had the original hardwood floors, the walls were plaster and stucco,

it had incredible crown molding. but i had a lot of work ahead of me. the whole house neededto be gutted and redone. it was in terrible, terrible shape. so, i knew that i wanted to preserve the integrity of the house. the house is in a historic district. but i also wanted thehouse to be reflective of our personality.

(fun music) the first thing people say when they walk into my livingroom is they're sort of like, "wow, it's so colorful,it's so you, it's so fun." i like having that kindof personality reflected in this space. it's very playful, it's very whimsical, and that's my personality,

and that's certainly by design philosophy. i like to create small vignettes, and i think it sort of gives people the opportunity to tell a story. these are some bronzebaby shoes of my sons. i have some of his baby teeth in a little, pretty, decorative container. this is my para shelf, and i have everythingthat has to do with paris.

i found this in a mexican market, it was completely random, it meant nothing to me at the time. i don't think you have tohave really important pieces for them to be meaningful. so, for example, i lovemy lucha libre coin banks that i have up there. the more random the collection is, then the more personal it becomes.

there's sort of a niceorganization to the chaos. i also like the ideaof mixing high and low, and old and new, and pretty fabrics and pretty materials. i like mixing a lot ofdifferent patterns and textures. i mean, one may not thinkthat this bine leaf print would go with this sortof bluish ikat print, but i think it ties together quite well, especially when you putthe black and white.

(playful music) i'm a firm believer in black and white. black and white always neutralizes things, and sort of puts the bow on the present. so, this kitchen isn't large at all, but one of the most interesting elements is the floor, the geometric floor. the kitchen space is important to me primarily based on how it looks.

i'm not a gourmet cook, i wanted to make surethat i could have a place to hang a little but of art. the salmon, actually my grandfather caught while he was fishing in alaska. just because somethings functional doesn't mean it can't be fun or playful. what better place to hang asalmon than in the kitchen? i really did think about ways

that i could either add storage or that i could make acloset more functional. i'm a firm believer in built-ins, i like having built-ins. people always need storage, and it's nice to have a place to display things that are important to you. so, we had space for atiny little china closet. and i love this because i'vegot so many beautiful things,

and actually, i can see them and i know where they are. i'm not sure if i should show you this, but this also ended beingreally a great thing. the dining room had the,sort of, built-in bench. so, it sort of dictated where i would put my dining room table. i just had a table made out of plywood, and put it on wheels sothat i could move it.

when i was thinking about what i wanted to do in my bedroom, i wanted my room to feelflirty, and feminine, and fun. the first place i startedwas with the curtains. what girl doesn't like pink-silk curtains? so, this is a really funstarting place for me. and then slowly just sortof added things together. the carpet is purple, and i've got my sortof oaker green chests.

so, for the the creme dela creme in the house, is the master closet. i had the best time designing my closet. the idea of a woman havingthis sort of incredible closet, it's like every woman's fantasy. i, myself like to arrange my closet as a store might arrange their goods. so, i incorporated lots of features that make it easier forme to locate things.

for example, these push-pull-out drawers. i have some hanging racks that pull down so that they're actually accessible. i have mirrored doors. going the extra mile andspending a little more time and resources on havinga really great closet is really worth it in the end. i do have a very kick-ass closet. (laughs) pink and purple andgreen isn't a combination

that would appeal to some people. i think people are scaredof color a lot of times. and too many patterns. it's always easier forthem to actually see an example of something like that. so, i think houzz is an interesting place to see a lot of different things. you've got all this information, and all of these beautifulimages in one place.

(calm, playful music) the original guestbathroom was a great place for me to be able toincorporate cement tiles. if you go to some placesaround san antonio, the cement tiles are very historic. a powder room in a homerepresents an opportunity to push the envelope a little bit. i sort of started mixing and matching and the rest of the place came together.

and i love it too because it looks like itcould've been original. i think when i was thinkingabout the downstairs area, i wanted it again to be comfortable and a little unexpected. i love coming down these stairs and seeing this fun floor. if we go in here, this is kind of a game room

where gray and his friends like to come and play video games, andwatch tv, watch a movie. the curbed seating area is just kind of a fun,sort of random nook. and of course, my signature built-ins. i love built-ins, i don't think you canever have enough of them. so, behind this closed door, is the guest suite.

obviously, the floorsare the showstoppers. these were original to the house. i think pretty commonfor this neighborhood, for whatever reason. but it's totally playful andcolorful, and casual, and easy. off of the guest bedroom is a bathroom. the bathroom downstairswas the original kitchen, and there was a fireplace. it's sort of beautiful down there,

and it adds a warmth, it's just pretty thingto look at on that wall. you can see, i used mexican tile that goes all the way up the wall. and so my philosophy is, if you're gonna do it, you might as well really, really do it, because this bathroom would not have the same impact ifthat whole wall wasn't tile.

(light guitar music) i had one friend tell me that she thought my housefelt like a candy store because it was colorful andsweet and fun and energetic, and that's always stuck with me, i liked that. i love that it's bright, i love that it's definitelya reflection of who we are. it's a very comfortable, warm place for us

to entertain and to live. (galeana laughing) who doesn't love that, that's so fun!

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