hot pink paint colors for bedrooms

hot pink paint colors for bedrooms

can't wait to decorate, there's so much we can make, how will it turn out? omg we're coming over! open up we're here. okay, you're yelling like so loud... hola! hola! bienvenidos -you guys, big episode today! -so excited, 'pautips' paula galindo we are finally going to be doing her apartment. i'm a colombian youtuber, i do beauty and lifestyle related videos i just moved to la like a year ago and right when i came here. i looked for mr. kate to help me

reorganize and remake my room because i have no idea of how to do it. this is a great opportunity i know a lot of you viewers are probably going to hablas espanol today and guess what? we already have spanish subtitles on our videos did you know that? you can watch all of our 'omg we're coming overs' in spanish yeah! so if you speak spanish and you want to watch it with subtitles hit that subtitle button welcome all of you global wonderful creative weirdos if you're new from paula's channel, welcome

we call ourselves creative weirdos because we love to just celebrate everything creativity and embrace our weirdness which is our own brand of uniqueness. she's got a boring space right now sherwin-williams is sponsoring the video. so we're gonna be able to hook her up with a sweet makeover. yep and use some beautiful paint color. so we're gonna head to the paint store first to pick out those colors and then go to paula's place before we do that thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, join the creative weirdo family. -we're now over three million strong. -oh my gosh

thank you so much! -so.....let's go shopping-let's go! -bye....or not bye, come with us!-not that way, this way! oh my gosh kate -i think i need to upgrade my system-oh my gosh, joey that's too long. let's go pick out the colors in the color snap studio but, but i really want one....what's this thing? joey! okay, so we're making a quick stop at the sherwin-williams store on our way to paula's

apartment because we need to pick up all of our beautiful paint colors that we are going to use. dragonfruit all right, so we're getting a mix of colors today we're getting the dragonfruit, which is going to be our statement wall. then this beautiful pink, look at the dragonfruit is the hot pink i want. isn't that pretty? wow, that's bold -yeah, it's a youtuber..-too bold? no...joey this is like some intense pink

paula asked us to save her because her apartment is just bland and boring. she makes beautiful vibrant happy videos in this sad boring space so we really need to liven it up for her and paint is the key we're getting the dragon fruit which is gonna be our statement wall, then the rest of the walls are gonna be this egret white which is kind of like a gray white it will just really freshen up the space and make sure that that hot pink stays mature-looking oh, charcoal blue, that's pretty like a gray.

i'm also picking out some additional colors because i have plans to do this big art project on a canvas with paula so i've got some other blue tones, a beautiful charcoal blue. so let's get these mixed. let's do it yeah -hello eugene, how are you?-i'm well good, okay that's gallons with emerald and then we'll do gallons of the harmony we're getting our beautiful colors mixed and ready to go we are using the emerald paint line, which is low voc and the harmony paint line, which is no voc which is especially important now that i'm pregnant, eugene, can we watch you mix it?

yeah, come on it's the fun part! -thanks eugene-bye, thanks for coming to sherwin-williams oh thank you! see you at paula's! -okay!-oh paula, we're finally doing this! i'm very excited, wait how do you say excited in spanish? excitamente? emocionada ok, so i am also very emotional about the size of this room

it's very small i know, i know and i try to fit a lot of stuff in here obviously you came in here. you looked at the size of this room, you're like i can only fit a twin bed in here i'm gonna sacrifice my sleeping space but i'm gonna have my back drops on my vanity and everything's happening here the big challenge here in paula's room is just the size of it. it is a very small room guys. nothing wrong with small. ok. it's great to be small poses some challenges let's be honest like

you can't really bring like romantic friends back to this room with a twin bed joey! it's like you're in college all over again it's not that i have them anyways. i am sure you have many suitors at your door -we're back 1800s-he's trying to speak spanish i apologize all of you actual spanish speakers for joey. you guys know the drill, it is time for the color reveal.

i'm nervous because when you sent me the ideas -you sent me a blue idea. -so if this is blue you're gonna be upset. oh my god. i don't know i'm expecting pink. i'm kind of nervous because when they sent me the inspirational boards they sent me a blue one and i never wear blue like never everything in my life is pink there was one room that had blue walls and she texted joey and i and she was like wait are we doing pink or blue? and joey and i were like this emoji

ready? yay! oh my god. yeah, it's a bright hot pink. i love it i mean, this is a just a delicious pink. it's called dragon fruit. this is our beautiful bright color for this wall, which i'm thinking will be the primary background for your videos okay, cuz you have the window there with all the light right? so this is gonna we're gonna put this beautiful color here a heart to start this project i thought it was really special doing like a heart because my username pautips has a heart at the end

rosado yeah, and the tricky part in there is the r if you say rosado, then you can tell you're an english speaker. you need to say rrrrrosado rrrrosado with rrrr no problemo -he added an r-that's italian! ay rosado, no problemo! i think joey and kate, they speak spanish because when they say words they don't even have an accent they're pretending. mm-hmm

joey's spanish guys... you guys need to go to colombia and i'll show you around oh my god, i would love that! -let's make that up -where in colombia are you from?-i'm from bogota. that's the capital but we have beautiful cities like cartagena on the coast. well, we better do good job on this room first, so she still wants to travel with us all right, well we are doing a great job we've already got, look joey the wall's almost done we did so much more work

i'm gonna have to do some touch ups i'm trying to give a good coverage because i know you have to go, you have that panel you have to do right? so let's go do a diy project. all right, kate's taking paula out this is the last time i'm gonna see her before the reveal to her no surprise that they are putting like pinstripes on the wall and then leaving me alone. but you guys, joey two rolls is always ready to jump in

-bye-oh gosh, that was very risky -i'll see you when we reveal it to you-okay, say bye to your room bye old room, i'll see you soon okay, so what do you see here? we're gonna paint something okay, so i've obviously prepped here okay because i know you're in a rush, you're a busy busy lady so i preemptively just painted some shapes and i used some beautiful shades of sherwin-williams paint to paint these background mountain shapes and now we're gonna add some personality with paula.

okay. so these are our pretty base colors a little bit lighter okay, and i used the full intensity of paint, but then with these darker colors i mixed them with a little bit of glaze and glaze basically just thins the paint to make it more translucent but it still maintains the vibrancy of the color it's a lot better than adding water to thin the paint and we're using a sponge and it's meant to be like a sea sponge right? a natural sponge, so it really has that very textured look to it

okay, so this is like supposed to be like a natural sea sponge, okay so we're just dabbing the sponges into the darker shades of paint and then just sort of stippling those over the shape again we're just trying to create some visual complexity behind her when she's shooting her videos i'm thinking these are kind of like mountains. there's a lot of mountains in colombia right? there's a lot of mountains in colombia but we have everything because we're on the equatorial line. so we don't have seasons in colombia if you want to have different weathers

you just travel one or two hours and then you can go to beach. you can go to a mountain you can go to city. it's an amazing environment and the people, i love my latino people aww we love to dance, do you like to dance salsa? oh i'm not very good, but joey likes to dance salsa. oh, really? oh salsa? si so the finishing touch on this art piece is to add some glitter

i wanted to give these mountaintops a snow-capped look, so we're mixing some gold glitter with mod podge, and mod podge you can get neither a matte finish or glossy finish if you're using glitter, you want to make sure you're using a glossy finish mod podge, so it'll be nice. it'll keep the shininess of the glitter cool, so here's the thing about mod podge is that it's ugly yeah when you first start because it's not dry yet, right, but obviously it dries clear. so we just have to trust the process, trust the process. so we're just gonna go in on all of our little

snow-capped mountains beautiful so this looks like crap right now but that's the magic of the drying it will become a glitter mountaintop, you excited? we'll see, yeah don't try to guess i'm a perfectionist so i want to have everything like under control, but they told me to trust them and i think i might have to trust them now that i gave them my room and everything

okay. yeah, i have good expectations. but this is it. i feel like we're.... we can leave it here right cuz you have to go and this is good cuz it still isn't finished yet so we'll see it on the wall all done and dry and glittery this was so fun hanging out with you thank you, i'll see you soon. okay? -alright -for the big reveal! all right bye paula trust us. don't worry. we'll hold it down alright so one of the big projects we're trying to accomplish in this room is giving her a bigger bed

she had a twin bed before we want to at least upgrade her to a full. the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna actually do a daybed. so on top of that we have to create a cornice canopy what is a cornice? great question, really weird word, 'cornice' don't know what it means, but it's what goes on top of the canopy so i'm gonna make one so this cornice canopy is a great solution when you have a small room and you want the look of a canopy but you don't have the space in your room for the four-poster situation.

so i'm just taking a 1 by 6. i'm cutting it down to the lengths i want to make a box and then i am going to just attach that box together and dress it with some molding pieces to make it look elegant. so then you put that box and the molding up on the ceiling and the wall we are attaching it to the wall where there are some studs so we make sure it's nice and secure and then we're just gonna staple in four sheer curtain panels into the box making a column of curtains and then once we put the bed in we can pull the curtains and drape them over the side of the bed and it's just gonna look super elegant and super cool.

-so yeah make sure it's pleated there-it is, i got it okay. alright, so we are working away. joey has built a beautiful cornice canopy and due to the fact that i have a small in my shawl. i am not gonna be up on the ladder, you know stapling up the curtains into the cornice. that would usually be my job but joey has thankfully taken over. and so we are just well not we, i'm supervising he's just making tiny pleats in the curtain panels and stapling them along the inside of the cornice as he goes and that's just creating a beautiful fold in all the fabric so that it comes out of the cornice nice

and folded and then obviously spreads out as it comes and cascades down around the bed okay! so paula loves gray what's great about the gray is with the hot pink it kind of makes it a little more mature. now the great thing about bringing in a gray color in this room, is it kind of neutralizes the hot pink so rather than bringing in another bright color and making it feel more juvenile. we're kind of

sophisticating this hot pink with the gray. come here, come here a little privacy, please we've never done a curtain rug cuddle before this is the perfect rug cuddle privacy shield. so you guys don't have to be grossed out by all of our kissing. okay, so this is otherwise known as a daybed, is it kind of has like a couch like look to it, you know but like we've totally upgraded her cuz this is a full size. so no longer does she have a twin size bed, also the other thing about a bigger bed...can you pay attention?

i'm paying attention. the other good thing about a bigger bed is that there's not much more storage underneath it it's a simple day bed with slats on it. so we're not gonna put a box spring we're just gonna put a mattress right on top. perfect fit! joey don't break paula's bed oh my gosh, these things are awesome. so pretty right? gold acrylic

you got it? i got it i wanted the feature wall to be very symmetrical. so i found these amazing bookshelves that are a mix of gold and acrylic and these are gonna be two display bookshelves. well, things shelves it's a new term, coined it, a thing shelf no longer a bookshelf that's what they're gonna be for beautiful and display items because she's going to shoot her videos against this wall so we're giving her like all kinds of great angles now. here you go here take this side. hmm

it's the finished sheet. paula loves whites so we're bringing an all-white bedding along with our beautiful hot pink and the gray of the rug, our palette is coming together we are also putting up some sheers for curtains over this window this vanity is amazing, she already had it so there was no need to get her something new this was perfect it already has the mirror attached to it. don't break, don't break, don't break, don't break, don't break. don't smash my fingers, don't smash my fingers shut up, really? pinch, pinch

pinch this stripe is so cool. right? yeah so we know that this hot pink dragon fruit color is like you know the main eye draw when you walk into the room but then i wanted to have some asymmetry on the other side of the room so that it doesn't feel too sterile in there too set like, like there's something a little bit off and interesting it just makes it look more designed when there's some unexpected thing you got on your side yeah, yeah. yep next to the vanity were placing this really cool mirror. it's a marble finish mirror

again, just further like glam texture in the corner, i've got a nice tall plant and this really cool planter that has like an iron base, very simple and then a kind of two-tone pot that goes with it and then a floor lamp now this room does not have any overhead lights i don't know why, i didn't design it i would have definitely put some recessed lights if i had designed it but there are no lighting options on the ceiling so lamps are essential. i'm keeping styling on her vanity pretty simple

just giving her all of her makeup brushes, obviously those are nice to have handy and then a beautiful tall vase with some more faux plants these beautiful white flowers i'm also giving her this beautiful round pedestal table the idea with this is that it can kind of move around the room she can put it by the bed, if she wants to have a little area to put her glass of water at night or she can use it to rest some of her makeup supplies if she's shooting a video kind of over towards the window it's just sort of like a nice extra surface to have in there and i'm just styling it with her adorable little tiny miniature

bible how cute. throw pillows on this daybed are essential because we're kind of trying to make it look like a couch but obviously it's a bed. so we've got the sheets. we've got the really comfy comforter for her to throw herself under when she's ready to go to sleep, but during the day and for her videos we have a beautiful variety of these throw pillows that we're using styling these thing shelves is so much fun. so i bought a bunch of beautiful ceramic items and white, you know vases a little cat presiding on the shelf

a sign that says hashtag goals in like marble because hello! she's a rad powerful female youtuber entrepreneur and she is hashtag goals and this room will hopefully be hashtag goals when we're done with it -i am so thrilled with how this turned out. -yeah, it's super cool cuz it's so big like you would spend so much money on this in the store and we made it i never doubted your skills oh my gosh guys this artwork turned out so amazingly i mean how easy is it? i am really excited to see your versions of it i know some of you guys are gonna be recreating this you can do any color palette you literally just need

painters tape and different colors of paint and a sponge to get it to look so cool and the frame looks so cool it looks great. good job on the frame. great. yay ow too hard! the moment you've been waiting for all right, we're gonna lead you and put you into a good position to see everything remember what your room looked like before. yeah. picture it so the goal was to give you a space that was just more you

and a room beautiful enough to be the backdrop in your beautiful videos. oh my god you're beautiful in your videos. you need a backdrop that is as beautiful as you are okay, okay on the count of three okay. sure uno.....dos......tres! like i wasn't expecting this at all, oh my god thank you guys we managed to get a bigger bed in here

-this is beautiful-isn't that pretty? this is a bed fit for la reina (the queen) does that mean queen? yeah, right. am i saying that right? yeah so this is your beautiful queen glam bed and my thought here is you could set up like a table tripod here on on the vanity and use the light almost like a ring light so you could sit here and have the symmetry you know like the shelves and obviously the shelves you can style with like when it's christmas you can put christmas things how cool are these shelves, with gold acrylic combo

i love it! it's so me how good is your artwork? the glitter snow, i wish snow was glitter i'm gonna remember you like forever every single morning when i open my eyes well you did just as much on it remember? these are my favorite colors i love gold i love pink and we got a little bit of gray like the kind of sophisticated gray, the marble of the mirror this mirror is just awesome.

i know i can just see your outfit photos like this without joey or i in the background i didn't see this before when the sun's coming in brighter through the window, you can really see the two colors i mean because also you can shoot into your vanity if you want to do like makeup stuff there and you have the cool reflections behind it. but also this is interesting on this wall yeah, like you can see the bed in this reflection too the goal is really to be able to shoot every angle yeah, and i've always wanted like a full length mirror to check my outfits

yeah, i know for sure before i was like trying to fit into this little mirror you're too tall for that to be your outfit mirror. thank you very much. this is way far than what i expected it to be wow! it feels amazing knowing that tonight i'm gonna have this big bed, and i'm not gonna sleep anymore in that little corner and i also have my working space so she knew how to perfectly re-do my room so that i can do both i also got you a little folding table too so you could set up

the camera in front of the window and have like makeup there, so you can shoot at an angle because you know that before i used to wrap these and just move around it's just a little folding table you can store it in the closet. it'll be way easier. we also got you a bunch of faux plants. well, those are real but that's these are fake joey no, they are? i know they smell, i was smelling those earlier no, because you travel so much. i wanted to get you all fake so you didn't come home to dead plants

i don't have the time and the patience to take care of plants. yeah. yeah, you'll go to like colombia or wherever yeah, you'll come back and though they would be dead. how cool is that cornice canopy? -i love it. -right? it's so unique it's like such a and it really brings the eye up because this room is so small we've really maximized the height in here you know your eye really goes up and now it looks big

yeah, i know right with even a bigger bed and also this bed is huge underneath like you can put all your suitcases there i don't have to sleep in that little corner anymore you're not in college anymore! we got rid of your dorm bed well thank you for having us, it's been so fun working with you. i know this was years in the making because you've been watching our videos for so long so thank you so much for the support. always. yeah, like i always tell my subscribers keep dreaming and keep working and someday it'll happen, and this happened today

you're so sweet, that was so sweet give me a hug, it was so great meeting you paula thank you kate, you're wonderful -you're wonderful-enjoy it this is art well, we're gonna leave you you pose on that, do you see what that pillow says? yep...l'amour oh is it french?

yeah, okay what does that mean? love but i wasn't sure if it was like spanish, but regardless, it's a pretty pillow. it's kind of the same -okay, we're going home-go pose on that bed, let's just see how good you look over there thank you guys! bye bye! adios! i'm sorry guys, to all of you need native spanish speakers. i'm really sorry

we butchered your language in this episode it's a beautiful language. we did not do it justice. i thought it was a beautiful room but thankfully it was a beautiful room and paula loves it and she was so so great to work with such a lovely person i'm, so glad that we get to meet people from all around the world because of our job on youtube -it's super cool -guys thumbs up if you like the room make sure and go check out paula's channel, pautips yes, we will put obviously all the links in the description go follow her on social media as well and yeah, thanks for always hanging out with us. we love you guys.

hit that subscribe button hey guys, huge thanks to sherwin-williams for sponsoring today's video i mean the paint was so key in that space obviously check out get some paint inspiration. yeah, that was so fun, thanks for hanging out with us, we love you guys so much. stay creative. stay weird stay you, because why not? bye! love you! te amo! mucho gusto! adios! actually o ratty throw in my throat. why are you trying to say?

frog frog melissa, i got ganta. oh my more lesson ella rhonda

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