hgtv bedroom paint colors

hgtv bedroom paint colors

originally this room wasreally tight, it was small, and it was narrow, andit felt dark and dated. so the first thingi wanted to do was add more lighting,more recessed lighting, but also more naturallight with the addition of the new french doors. but what i reallywanted to tackle was just the ideathat this space didn't really have a story.

it was somewhatplain and simple, so i wanted to give ita little more character. what we ended up doing over herewith the fireplace was it was originally asymmetrical,it was red brick, and the client didn't lovethat it was off balance. my favorite thingabout this fireplace, though, are these antiquecorbels and this mantle. i really think that thissoftens everything up. the details and thereally pretty carvings

adds a little bit moreinterest to the entire space. the trick with this space wasthe idea that my client really liked the idea of openspaces, but she also wanted defined areas whereit still separated the living room from the dining room. so we gave her a littlebit of an open space here that creates a really good flowfrom the kitchen to the living room, but i really feellike this room is still very defined, it's cozy in here.

the natural light now makesit feel light and airy, and now with all the funcharacter and details, i really think myclients are going to feel right at home in this space.

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