grey color schemes for bedrooms

grey color schemes for bedrooms

hi majestic one. they say your room is your sanctuary. if that's the case, i want to share some creativeways to help elevate the space and vibe of your room. bring in the magic with this floating cloudthat's illuminated from within. all you need is a string, a paper lantern,a battery-operated led light, glue, and some poly-fil. you can find poly-fil at almost any fabricor craft store. begin by taking your paper lantern and fanningit out. carefully, using a hot glue gun, begin placingglue into the ridges of your lantern and start inserting small clumps of fluff.

you want to start with smaller amounts, creatingthe first layer. keep layering and layering until your cloudreaches the desired level of fluffiness. so pretty! loop some string through the clasp to tieit all together. and just hang it up to bring the sky inside. change is good and sometimes needed. and if you feel like your phone needs thatchange, well, you can make a custom one. all you need is a pair of scissors and a clearcase. once you have a concept in mind, bring itto life.

you can use craft paper, printed online images,stickers, or whatever. before you start, make a stencil of your phonefirst, like this. cut out your prints and place them into theback of your phone case. from here just experiment. comment below and let me know what print youwould like to have on your case. for me, i'm all about the sticker craze. ever since i was a child i had an obsessionwith stickers. i used to collect them and keep them in ashoebox. now as an adult, i can splurge on stickers.

i know, i'm such a baller. bring the sky closer with this constellationjar. all you need is a clear jar, string lights,some heavy-duty foil, and a pin. the thicker the foil, the sharper lookingthe stars. print out your favorite star constellationsto use as a template and line them up over your foil. carefully, push your pin into the foil andcreate holes where you want your stars to be. from here just line the foil up inside yourjar and push it up against the sides, molding it to the shape of the jar. and to illuminate your creation, turn on thelights and place them into the jar.

seal the lid and voila! you can create this nebula in a jar by usingthings you probably already have around your house for your desk or nightstand. start with a clean, empty bottle. have your cotton balls, food coloring, andglitter ready. first step is to add food coloring to thebowls of water to create your desired colors and add glitter into each bowl. now break apart your cotton balls into thinnerlayers to get the best effect for your jar. place a layer about an inch thick at the bottomof your bottle and pour the first color inside.

repeat this step for all the colors that youwant in your jar. you just created your own nebula in a jar. so cool. if you found time to make any of these, pleaseshare it, take a picture, and tag me. i'd love to see what you made. i hope this video inspires you to be creativeand to help elevate your vibe. good luck! peace.

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