grey bedroom paint colors

grey bedroom paint colors

now sharon's here now to show us howcolor changes in the room so that was a huge transformation isn't that a huge and it's such a great example of what we talk about all of the designers talk about color theory and it's so abstract but when you see it in a space like that it makes so much sense so i thought this is a great opportunity to really take back to the color theory and show how it's all about context right it really is so if you take a look at this first picture you're going to see such a clear example of this this is a fireplace in a room and the carpet is red and it's really playing a role on how you see that brick that's it the homeowner was going to what you wanted me to help her

pick a color to paint the brick and i'm like that's beautiful stone you are not painting it on the paint girl yes so i said no it's about the color you rip out that red carpet and it's gonna look fantastic so look obviously we put in pot lights i put a beautiful chelseagray behind that stone yeah and now that stone is a is a centerpiece it's like astatement in that room so yeah i can really take something that you think ismaybe a little worn like an old sofa even depending on what color you putbehind it it can look fresh and new right yeah it's like makeup and a newhair color i'm 100% yeah so she active she didn'tchange this at all okay how drastically

different that looks for that beginningto end stone right okay so let's talk a little bit about what else might affecta space there it is with the red carpet and there it is without the red carpetwhich is amazing it completely transforms it let's talk about lightingas well yeah so let me show you first though just to just take that in areally obvious way so i took the red i've got a million dollar red benjaminmoore's million-dollar red right is that million dollars yeah got themillion dollar right and i'm going to show you what happens when you put blackand you put white and we'll look at other colors how that same color looksdifferent looks great yeah you know it

does it's hardalways digitally but definitely on the computer like graphic designers willthink about this when they're placing colors to make us look at and then thatsale sign so with the black it's sort of it becomes a little bit brighter and thered actually looks a little bit bigger because i have black recedes into thebackground that red pops with the white it actually the red looks a littleduller right it's thin collar it looks a littlebit duller so you take that dullness to a whole other level when you take thatred and you really want to tone it down and you put something that's sort of ananalogous color yeah we have a brown a

little bit more of a saturated orange tobe honest it's more sort of an orange color that's brown and now the color youcan sort of see how the red is really dull mmmso again it's all about context what you put behind something can really changethat color i always say not to choose a color in isolation that's true right youyou don't choose the color okay i'm gonna bring this home and put it on thewall and expect it to be perfect you got to bring the paint color home and lookat what you actually have exactly isn't it tracy like right away it's likewow that really zing which could be a good thing but it might also be like i'mnot gonna put red in my room when i've

got aqua because it's gonna be toodemanding right but it can work in different applications so yes let's talkabout how light also impacts your color in your space okay so we have a pictureof that and this is the same space once again just different times of day sowhat's happening in picture number one so in picture number one we haveincandescent lighting so that little light source is all you gots the colorlooks very peachy and warm incandescent lighting so the sun is at a differentpart of the day it's not coming right into the space yeah those indirectlighting and it you know it has a nice sort of pinky feel on the right you'vegot direct sunlight so at that time of

the day that color looks like a palepink whereas when you've got your lighting on at night it looks warm andorange so you want it sounds silly but i think when you're choosing your colorget a color sample paint it on the wall and look at it in the morning look at itat night and decide when when you're going to spend the most time in thatroom and that might be when you make that decision because it can make suchan impact it really does you did that with my front porch right you put astrip of gray and you said look at it look at it at lunchtime and look at itwhen you go to sleep see what you like and if you like it all the all the timesof day because that it's gonna make a

huge difference it really will you'relooking at spending time there so that's reallyimportant it's important really good examples there

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