cream colored bedroom

cream colored bedroom

what did you do? got me confused spinning, spinning, round and round sticky, sticky, off the ground slipping 'til you let me drown hate me then and love me now you got me wondering where the spunk went where the funk went

not who i'm in love with you got me wondering while you roaming something told me i would end up lonely you know i cannot shake ya you know i cannot break ya you only fool me then you lose me then right back i take ya you know we're bad together you don't want this forever

then i look stupid, call me foolish but i'll do whatever let's play, let's pretend i could have my way what you gonna say if i ever walk away? you could treat me fair maybe you won't scare me maybe you would care

you know i'd wait for you can't stay away from you i'd stick around when things are falling down i need a reason for me to leave him zigzag, circus i don't know that sticky-icky is the potion (sticky-icky, sti-sticky-icky) what did you do? (what did you do?) ooh, got me confused, i'm confused

i'm spinning, i'm spinning, spinning, i'm spinning round and round hate me then you love me now

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