cream color bedroom set

cream color bedroom set

we are bored of regularities leaving all the dreams playing all the games and getting high on love they can chase us down but we always win the bleeding everything - we're in so this is an everyday routine delicious and daddy or best friends and little brothers and they play

constantly come on, baby so these three play all day together, okay, so when you have four dogs don't expect to have anything nice for long because look at deva and look i know the grass is just watered look at you give me a wet, but you know what we get some fuck about designer clothes. do you have these babies? go let's escape the grave and let the colors rain to the sill with you and words into sharia

daddy cookie to poc never feeling jovie getting so this is our brand new fish tank it's our barbie dream attain all saltwater. how many gallons 340 mm and now nate loves the shanks he had one in his room when we first met you know so this is we just got this installed we have a few fish in here, so it's gonna be like crazy coral in the whole world soon

so it's exciting in the foggy away staring it look at his little smile. oh look at those teeth why are your teeth better than mine i know right even whiter teeth than i do do do they fake did you get your teeth though lose your day? what's up you guys welcome back to my channel today this is probably one of the most exciting videos. i'm gonna film this year. i'm pretty excited about it, so today we are going to unveil the star family collection it is something that me and nathan have been working on for a few months and we just showed a sneak peek a day or two on

snapchat and instagram oh my god the internet is going nuts you know we just wanted to make something really special for like the fans cuz you know you guys know so much about our lives, so we just wanted to give you a little piece of it you know so yeah, and i think like i haven't really collabed with really anyone, but manny for my brand i am very like i'm not against collaborations at all i just want it to be very authentic and i think that i don't know i wanted to do something really special with me and show her i love and just let you guys know a different side of us even in this video you're gonna see some things that we've never shown before

but i was sitting there and i was like okay nate who should i collab with next and we were throwing around some names of influencers and then i was just staring at him and then the dogs one of the dogs jumped into his lap, and he just went like so cute and i was like huh what if we did like a family collection and nate was like oh my god that would be so cool. i want to make my own colors, and let's do something to represent all the dogs yeah yeah, i was always fun to like play around with the colors with you two anyway so hell yeah exciting so when i announced this collaboration

we just got to get this funny part out of the way because you know the internet always wants to try it there was a lot of people who were saying how can nathan know anything about makeup? you're not gonna collab with a youtuber or a makeup artist? let me tell you the t when you have lived with me since i started my brand he went from knowing nothing about makeup to literally like everything probably that i know right exactly we live and breathe makeup, so it's kind of hard not to catch on everything there's always so the brand is literally like my entire and it has become a really huge part of nathan's life so it was really cool to bring nathan into the lab because that's where i spend a lot of my time creating which there's a lot of you know a lot of people don't get to see that side of the

creation so i said hey nate you're gonna get to spend a few days in the lab with the whole sh'ma small schmuck. yeah. i don't know what i told ya the masks and the medical outfit you have to of course be very sanitary in the makeup labs. oh in ferrets very strict yes, so we so i took nathan there, and we and you know we had like a brainstorm of like okay? let's create six brand new liquid lipsticks that represent me him and the dog so we split our chores in half yes we did i created three he created three, but i said hey nate i want you to make a nathan lipstick like i want to wear nathan on my mouth right do you? you asked me you know

what was like your favorite looks and stuff like that and i always liked like the neon and cool colors? but i always liked the nude lips they always just look nice and feel really well with like your foundation and the highlights coming from my gig so yeah, i said so make a color of course that it's not really that similar to another shade yeah yeah, so we do you the vault i had to look through the vault there's so many now so i asked nathan like hey what is your like dream color to make for you know obviously everyone out there to wear and me right? and i was just thinking like a terracotta nude there was not i didn't really see much of that color in there too much of the new year, so i was like i think you guys need that one

i am actually gonna just ruin the surprise and i'm wearing nathan right now on my lips of course we're gonna unveil all the colors, and it's like i thought that looked familiar you're like that. just my color. yes. i am wearing nathan on my mouth today feels good, right so let's break down our collection so first things first the velour liquid lip box set comes like this bam this is the barbie house and that's what i'm calling it this literally represents our house our entire house is pink now when i met you you knew everything was gonna be pink right. yeah, i figured as much. you don't care. no. i really don't mind the color pink so it's fun so our entire house

instead of a cupcake so we wanted to represent that with this and this definitely is a tea different definitely does it pretty well yes this collection will be launching on october 21st yes, it will be launching at 10:00 a.m.. pacific standard time our normal time which is 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time, and if you don't know every time don't baby you better google it alright, so inside the house let's open her up now first things first before we show the colors inside there are me and nathan's personal signatures and all four of our dog's paws yes. they are real now this picture look at me is my pink hair now for those of you who do not know makeup takes? like months to make like the production of the packaging and everything so we took this a few months ago

and we also recreate it recently so besides that let's get to the damn shades everyone's like let's go right you see that right so here are all the colors that we're gonna go from left to right and then the bottom so first up we have nathan's color of course you guys see it's on my mouth, so there is this beautiful warm tone peachy nude i love this color definitely something that i did not have already, so i'm so happy with this color when we said when he was a cave i think this is the final out. i put it on and i was like yes nate's little nickname for me and what a lot of you guys have called me is the wifey we get asked if we're getting married every single day

yes, we do. maybe soon. maybe one day so wifey is a gorgeous darker red. it's like unicorn bloods stepsister yes. yeah a corn red-room mixed together. yeah, it's like a hybrid. i love this red it is definitely more of like a dark brick sexy red definitely darker than red rum but lighter than unicorn blood now we are going to move on to the dogs so when we sat here and thought about all the shades we thought about like the dogs entire history my first two dogs diva and diamond i had before me and nate ever started dating and then delicious and daddy yeah, we got when we first started dating so about six seven months in we got delicious. yeah, it was he was the cutest little

it's crazy too because he was like almost brown before he turned black which was like the craziest thing yeah, i met like a really light, but kind of dark almost like a grizzly bear yeah he really did look like a little grizzly yeah, okay so we're gonna talk about the dogs you guys and then we're gonna swatch one that will go down each color and we'll talk about all the dogs so first up is deva deva has been every color of the rainbow now i got deva you guys eight years ago long time which is nuts so i never so growing up. i always had cats nate has yeah, i've had three four cats plus dogs. you know we've had

birds or everything a lot of animals so i used to have a lot of cats when i was growing up at my grandma's house and when i oh not to be dark but one of my cats from three years old to 14 years old. i had to put down which is so horrible i know a lot of you out there can relate and it broke my heart oh, and i like about to never get animals again right it sucks fast forward to when i used to sing and go on tour i was on warped tour actually 2009 and we're in indianapolis

we were out in like the country like just seeing the city we had a day off and there was like this random like pet farm in the middle of nowhere oh wow and we went there and i was like you know what it might be time to get animal like i really want a dog i never had dogs growing up but they're so loving and caring and amazing and they're just like i was ready at that time in my life to get a dog so insert diva now all the dogs are pomeranians except, diva i'm sure a lot of you were like why is diva like the jumbo version of them, and why does his face longer?

pointy snow yeah, so diva is actually he has fox blood in him as well as full pomeranians so he is very unique and at first i didn't believe the guy he said well a fox had sex with a dog and maybe he lied right the folks came in to like their barn or whatever where they had all their palms, and you know yeah you know so i don't know if the guy was lying i mean every vet is like yeah, that's crazy, and they never say he's anything else so if fox sperm doesn't work with dogs let me know in the comment section below now let's talk about deva shade now we know i have a hot hot pink in this brand prom night. this is prom nights barbie sister

it is a more warmer pink, and if you look closely at the swatch and in the bottle it has gold metallic in it it's so pretty now. i can see it really closely yes i love the shade it is so stunning if i used to be paint that was his signature color and when we did it him pink he blew all over the internet like so people used to write articles about it and people would go crazy about me coloring the dog somebody has their everyone has their opinion yeah, the dye is not dye it is basically vegetables it is a vegan formula that coats the hair kind of like this. this is actually vegan dye your i guess i can lick his hair right and the thing is the dogs think it's like shampoo it's like you're washing the dog with shampoo, and they don't even a lot of misconception

chemicals anybody's eyes or mouth or anything like that? that's but anyway so long story short i always received a lot of crazy stuff about my dogs. i'm sure you guys have seen a lot of old pictures of them we're gonna throw up a few so dearly used to be pink he's been spotted as you know this picture, and he's done a lot of stuff so i thought that would represent him perfectly now next shade is diamonds diamond is uh we call her miss thing in this house. she runs the house she does now diamond is a pure white pomeranian boy yeah boy palm she is a show dog. just like delicious and daddy and i a man used to be periwinkle and i used to

kind of be inspired by like aliens and extraterrestrials and like sailor moon so cool and there is this famous picture of diamond let's throw it up right here of her being periwinkle and she has a little bindi on her hand yeah, she is a little people you thought it was the craziest shit yeah, it was a tiny sticker that lit when i like waiting. i thought i was like what the hell sick wasn't heavy, it was like air. i didn't even know it was on there no people like but you know how people are yeah animals are not toys. i know they're my family i know, but anyway you guys so this famous picture of diamond went viral all over the internet and i thought you know what what better way to

match that shade. i don't have a periwinkle color in my collection at all it's a really pretty color, and i really love how it looks with the baby pink you. this is a little history lesson everyone so diamond i got her a year later after diva, so she is now seven diamond has something called alopecia which if anyone has watched real housewives of beverly hills lisa vanderpump's dog ziggy? i think that's his name they don't watch tv. okay, so lisa vanderpump's dog has alopecia as well, and she always put sweaters on him i didn't know she had that so imagine you guys we have this dog totally normal, and then her help isn't effective thank god well imagine baby three years in yeah, what happened all her hair started falling out. i was so freaked out

i was like to shave cancer. yeah. she's dying does she have like some crazy skin disease. i had no idea that's so crazy. um and one day there was a clumps of hair on the carpet, and i was like so scared so i took her to a dog dermatologist now girl back then when when mama had no coin that doctor was so much money but i was like vets in general are that and especially like tests like that. it's so yes it was close mostly so i took her to a dermatologist and they diagnosed her with alopecia black actually that's what it's called he said there isn't like a hundred percent cure but there's medicines you can give her to make the hair grow back, right? and i'm like oh my god like i don't care. how she looks, but she's a dog. she wants she wants a hair

she's gonna be cold they gave her some medicine, and it was a certain type of medicine. it's actually for human cancer patients and a month later white fuzz bomb yeah, and then months later her hair all came back mostly in her belly lot its splotchy in the back of her legs and her but it's splotchy but anyway long story short. that's my dog's medical history. i'm sure a lot of you out there i've seen alopecia dogs or maybe even have one. let me know in the comment section down below. she's great hair coming back. yeah verse two nun is amazing. she's in full health i haven't dyed her hair since all of it came back yeah

i feel like it's not that's like a bad omen dai did nothing wrong to her obviously we've dyed them all i just always wanted not every buck with it because i feel like she's been through enough, right it's just harder to grow our hair back so it just it's harder for her to get rid of the pink exactly that is why diamond is this color that is her little history. she's the best thing ever she runs the house. she has a little attitude and daddys obsessed with her yes. he is what shade is next so next shade. we have here is delicious. yeah delicious his little back story is you know after like about a couple months of us dating wicker we were getting you know more and more serious, so we thought you know maybe we'd get a another poem yeah

get another child a little baby poem so i've never really had baby pomeranians and puppies, and i was really excited so yeah i was totally down to get a little baby poem a lot of people always have the kind of stigma that pomerania really yappy and crazy, and they do and mine nate was surprised because deva and diamond were like military like oh, yeah they were really because i worked in a pet store so i dealt with a lot of different types of dogs, and they were never really my fondest breed of breeds so you know maya neuromas yeah women exactly? i love the dogs so we got delicious, and we wanted to get like the opposite of diamond so we asked each other what color do we want to get and we wanted a pure black one so when we found delicious he was so cute

we're gonna throw some baby pictures of him right now look out tiny used to be used to fit in the little palm of our hand and he was a little head though he had a big for it, and then he finally grew into his body but um so at the time when nate first moved to la after we had been dating for like nine months and nine ten months right. i'm like that yeah, so before the house we live in now that we buy i lived in another smaller home, but i had a lot of stairs it was like this three level really cool like i could we used to call it the tree house yeah hanging on the side of the mountain had a bunch of stairs so that when the dogs are little you guys they were freaked out

yeah, it's but delicious him being so so tiny it was really hard for him. he was always whining every time we got to stairs. he would never julie go down the stairs yeah he would cry yeah, you cry you cry just like a little baby but as lynn started to grow a little bit and yeah nate taught him how to walk yeah cutest thing ever after watching that i was like you know what maybe we will adopt a baby, just kidding, haha it was really adorable the way they like bonded and yeah to show him how to walk down the stairs he couldn't do it. it was really cute yes, so that you know delicious has a special place in our heart so when we were thinking of making the color we all know i already have a pitch black guy recalled weirdo

so that was out of the picture that was already out of the picture so we thought okay? what else and then nate reminded me that when delicious was so here's the thing you guys pomeranians have two coats yes? not for two coats and when they're babies they go through like the puppy uglies is what maureen like readers called it they said there's baby fur that they have yeah so when his first runner to grow in it was mixed of like like that grizzly bear charlie yeah, charlie there's like a dark chocolate, but it was like so fuzzy it almost looked like it was tan. i can't you know it's hard to explain it. it was weird basically looked like this color yeahit really did and we thought you know what we got a given homage to his it's like when a baby's eyes turn colors when it's a green in a turn hazel when they grow up

that's kind of what happen to his hair. no delicious's personality he he's been mouthing one. yeah he's the peppy little spit fuck when anyone comes up to the door if there's a package about to be delivered or the mailman's here, or someone's walking he is the alarm he's gonna let you know let's move on to the sixth and final color obviously this was gonna be a little bump in the road because we already have a shade called daddy yes we do now you all know the top-selling of many mua jeffree star cosmetics collaboration shade daddy, which is almost sold out so if you wanted don't sleep on it we thought well he is the youngest and he is a baby so baby still yeah, so we wanted to name the shade baby daddy works perfect. i think it's perfect now daddy is a woops table pomeranian. yes. he is that?

long beautiful hair it almost looks like a wig. yeah, okay, it's nicer hair than everybody in this house. i feel like hey he has the most beautiful coat yeah when he plays in the yard. i mean, it's just flowing in the wind yeah it's very so this is a more of like a nude caramel. it's really rich and it's soft it's almost like a diet posh spice, but a little more warm toned in there daddy is nathan's that's nathan's kid he's like my my star child tell everyone. why when danny was a puppy i would sleep with him downstairs on the couch almost every night, so we would sleep together tell you what every single night let me tell you why because our bed is ginormous, it's too big. it's literally eight feet by 10 feet

i'm a little baby palm is too big so we do have stairs that go up to our bed yes, all the dogs sleep with us daddy including now cuz he's longer he's longer arms arms and limbs now, but all three dogs are accustomed to sleeping in our bed yeah, so when daddy was little he was not about that. no i feel upstairs. it was jeff he couldn't get up a still yeah, and then he would cry on the floor, and you know it's it's it's really like having a little baby, so it's like you know if we would go to sleep he would cry and i know a lot of people gonna make well. you have to crank train em, and you have to do girl. let us raise our dogs that we want to raise our daughter yeah, i mean we been in the same version

i just slept on the couch, and it was much closer to the floor much closer to him and he was a lot more calm and can go right to sleep, and he wouldn't cry and keep us up at night but in turn he is now obsessed with me. yes. he did everywhere nate walks. he follows me he was already in this room while we've been filming this entire video until right now we took a little water break, and he's probably right outside the door he most certainly probably is let's go grab him yo me, too. yeah, right? he's a little sleepy. oh look at that hair. i need look at him. he was like what are all these lights and he's like it's bright in here danny. look grumpy look at him. he is so grumpy he's like dad. you don't like all the lights. he isn't like all the lights, and he's not a big person

i'm being held he likes being in full control when daddy that i mean well, then nate sometimes um daddy hates being held high the other dogs don't care. you can cradle them like infants. he has a little attitude about it it's on the ground though. he's always all smiles, but i think with ten beauty lights he's like girl, and he just woke up in his welcome up first, but daddy is the best hair on earth, okay? so i'm sure everyone's gonna be asking what is the price for the house? so you get all six full-size of liquid lipsticks in this beautiful packaging for $75 you save a lot of money buying them all together but we want to note that you can also buy all six shades individual individually of course for the standard $18 price, so if you only want a few other colors

you can definitely do that so besides that you guys there are a few more products that we wanted to create you know we can't just do a lipstick we have to do some more yeah we you know i love lip scrubs so i was like hey. let's make a few lip scrub let's get one going so the velour lip scrubs you guys they of course are vegan. they are edible they are infused with the vitamin e. and aloe vera you never use anything on your lips ha before no no, i never i'm never really done did any but now lip scrub you have a daddy here on you all right, so let's talk about our flavors you guys let's unbox so i was really excited to create my dream flavor so i mean i think we're both pretty obsessed with this flavor

but we're obsessed with breakfast food. yes, so nathan goes pancakes and syrup we had to do it. i'm all about that breakfast food baby listen when i tell you this is identical to like cracker barrell, that's my favorite spot in michigan to go eat breakfast cracker barrel pancakes in your mouth. this is it oh, my god. sorry. i might even give me that no your gate is so yummy it's like maple syrup and like dough is just melting in your mouth. it is so yummy. i was like damn that's a really good idea and so unique from my usual type of flavors so pancake syrup baby now. we'll talk about my flavor that i just made now this one you guys is just very jeffrey. it's very mean

you know i'm obsessed with sweets and sugars, so i thought okay. what kind of flavor do i want to make and mine is drumroll? peach popsicle oh so good it is so yummy and delicious, and i'm obsessed with it it tastes so good i might just for dinner later, so of course you know i had to do the baby orange sugar you're a fan of anything peach this is like a like classic peach right there. it is. it's like almost like a peach jolly rancher on your tongue just melting away mm-hmm. all right you guys our final product is a blinding skin frost and yes, i am wearing it today i'm sure a lot of you were like what the hell's on your cheeks. this is a beautiful it's like a pink purple. icy hybrid like they just had a baby look at that color

oh blimey so me and nate went to the lab that makes my highlighters, and we laid out all the shades i already had and nate was like well my favorite is princess kai, and i was like okay. well. let's make a nathan version of that color, and you love pinks and purples on me, right they're very pretty. i like the way that pop fluorescent yeah so we thought what do we name it we had so many names i'm like - wait his name it nathan do i name it i? don't know so it was floating around all over the internet when we first started filming and people combined our names and

and kept calling us an f rate, which i thought was so funny i was like i heard somebody yell at one time and i was like what? is so genius it's like we died, yes, we have been called so many nicknames and nefra was such a big one i was like i heard somebody yelling at me one time and i was like cool, so when we thought about this project i was like okay me and nathan have been telling our relationship, and our story online now for all mean oh like two years now over and i looked on my channel and me and nathan all the reviews we've done together and the lifestyle videos and they're traveling our videos have like to hunt like over 200 million views and i was like oh my god. this is crazy

it's nuts right that's crazy a lot of money, baby so i thought you know what? we're gonna do an effort you guys have called us that for a while now and so it had to be it it did so of course. this is the color on my cheeks. i'm gonna let me just watch it on you. yeah, let's do it nathan worked for the photo shoot it looked so cool on it and did being you look at the kendall with it yeah actually could actually agree with you literally ready for this so here's a here's a clean brush

covered like bam right, so of course you can tap off if you want or go directly on and turn this way, baby there you go, let's swatch net free on my baby look at that. oh it's like a pinky purple diamond. just landed on your fucking face did not need that many times but i like to really finesse it into the skin, so it just like lives and breathes with you ohthat's belinda come on plastic fantastic and of course the retail price for the skin frost is our and normal $29 i just want to add more to my skin is that bad look at my nose only? that is the entire collection i cannot believe. it's finally out. we've been working on this for months. it's all coming together. so this is like our first real, baby. yeah

so i hope you guys love the collection sound off below. what are your favorite colors? what are you dying for? and yeah, let us know all your feedback i hope you guys loved this we put so much love and effort into this, and i'm really proud. i'm proud of us, baby we've come a long way from him hitting me in the dms. it's been an amazing journey so far and thank you guys for watching us being involved in our relationship and just supporting two people that never knew they could find love or the scenario, and we found each other all right and don't forget this entire collection will be launching on jeffree star cosmetics on october 21st at 10 a.m.. pacific center time 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time, so you can get the entire collection and we may even have a few secret pieces of merch dropping

yeah, maybe you'll have to find out you ready to roll yeah. i'm ready to roll be ready to go test out some more mascara all right you guys. thank you so much for watching, and we will see you on the next one mwah see you guys you

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